Artists, photographers give Orangutan Project helping hand

FOR THOSE EAGER to support a great cause, three Kuching-based artists will be holding a photography and art exhibition in their efforts to help raise awareness and funds for the Orangutan Project.

The month-long exhibition will be launched on November 22, 7pm-9pm at Monkee Bar along 12 Padungan Arcade and will feature work by photographers Ch’ien Lee, Gerry Fox and artist Will Taylor.

Half of the profits from sales will be donated to the Orangutan Project, a conservation company offering alternative solutions and sustainable funding opportunities for the endangered wildlife on Borneo.

The project also specialises in ethical volunteering and tourism experiences working with the magnificent orangutan and other protected species such as the clouded leopard, binturong, sun bear and false gharial, among others.

Hailing from northern California, biologist Ch’ien Lee has made his home in Kuching for the past 19 years, having discovered an incurable fascination with Borneo’s rainforest. He has been engaged as a full-time freelance wildlife photographer since 2003 and his images have been used by National Geographic, the BBC, and numerous local and international publications.




Lee travels widely across Southeast Asia for his work, and regards nature photography as a vital means of increasing awareness and thereby promoting conservation for the region’s astounding yet fragile biodiversity.

Gerry Fox is a Scottish photographer and cinematographer who has been based in Kuching for the past four years. He has worked in the photographic industry for over 20 years and is currently a freelancer working in the fields of documentary and commercial photography.




“For my work I normally document people in real-life environments. I see the exhibition as a great chance to show another side to my work,” said Fox who will be exhibiting black and white images showing an alternative perspective on Kuching for the exhibition.

Will Taylor is an English artist who has been living in Kuching for over 10 years. He has worked in a variety of media including drawing, photography and ceramics and this will be reflected in the work he shows in the exhibition.




He will also be exhibiting work that showcases the different styles and genres he has worked in over the years. These styles and genres will include subjects inspired by nature including plants and wildlife as well as imaginative abstract images and even some portraiture.

“While having no overall theme It should give you some idea of what goes on in my head! I look forward to hearing what the public makes of my work from their point of view,” said Taylor.

For more information contact Gerry Fox at [email protected] or Tel: 01119832782.

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