Bhutan invites Malaysians to participate in youth conclave

NEW DELHI: Bhutan is inviting Malaysian students to participate in its inaugural ‘Bhutan Youth Conclave’.

The two-week Conclave, which is scheduled to commence on April 15, next year, seeks to showcase the experiences, lives and views of some of the brightest young minds from across the world, and from different parts of Bhutan.

“It is my sincere hope that perhaps, one of the selected Fellows may be from Malaysia and that his/her participation will surely enrich the Conclave,” The Thimphu Seminars chairman Arun Kapur told Bernama via email.

The Thimphu Seminars is the organiser of the Conclave.

Kapur said the online application had commenced and interested Malaysians could apply through its website,

Open to those aged between 18 and 21, the fellowship covers airfare, visa fee, accommodation and meals, bringing selected candidates together in Bhutan and offering them first-hand experience of living and learning within a country that has been described as ‘The Last Shangri-La’.

“The selected Fellows will exchange ideas, knowledge and perspectives on
issues impacting our world. At the same time, the experience will serve to give
them a more informed understanding of the various challenges facing this young
democracy and its growing economy,” said Kapur.

The highlight of the Conclave will be an eight-day trek across Bhutan, where
participants will visit places of interest and interact with people to gain a
better understanding of the country and aspirations of its citizens.

At the end of the programme, the candidates would be asked to share their
experiences and continue to remain part of a Bhutan Youth Conclave community
that will only grow over the years.

The names of the selected Fellows will be announced on Feb 21, 2015. -Bernama

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