Syamin feeds his twin passions: nursing and singing

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit


While Syamin Jasmi may be recognised for his first single, ‘Lagi dan Lagi’, some might be surprised to know that the talented 24-year-old also works full time as a nurse.

The gifted singer started to show interest in singing at the tender age of seven, actively taking part in numerous singing talent competitions. But climbing his way up into the spotlight was no easy task for Kuching-born Syamin who recalls some dark memories from a few years back.

Normally when somebody tells you that you suck at what you do and seriously, for all the love in the world, you should stop, it is normal for anybody to feel bummed out about it.


Kuching-born Syamin Yasmi started singing when he was seven years old.

Kuching-born Syamin Jasmi started singing when he was seven years old.


That was exactly what happened seven years ago to then 17-year-old Syamin when he attended a singing audition for My Starz LG. When it was aired on television and watched by his classmates, he remembered their not so supportive remarks about his singing.

“When I came back to school, they made fun of it and so I lost interest and energy in singing. It took me about two to three years to recover,” he said. Thankfully, the young talented singer with the smooth honeyed voice bounced back.

He began gaining his momentum back when he entered ICats College in Kuching for nursing.

“I had this course mate who loved to play guitar and I would sing with him. That is how I started to love singing again,” he explained.

Upon completing his two-and-a-half year course at ICats, Syamin started working as a nurse about four years ago, a profession which has its fair share of both ups and down.

For him, among one of the biggest misconceptions of being a male nurse is how patients are often surprised to know there are male nurses working in the noble profession since it has been a known fact that it is a female-dominated field. Slowly, the stereotype is slowly crumbling and male nurses are becoming a common sight in the nursing field.


Syamin posing with a fan during the meet and greet session for Era Mini Concert at Imperial Hotel, Miri

Syamin posing with a fan during the meet and greet session for Era Mini Concert at Imperial Hotel, Miri


On the other hand, becoming a nurse also has it pleasant moments, one of them including his experience taking care of a cancer patient. While he may not expect any reward from his duty as a nurse, Syamin said that nothing beat the appreciation and gratitude he received from the family of the patient who were grateful to him and his fellow colleagues for their service.

Balancing life as both a nurse and a singer is no easy task, but Syamin is living proof that you can have it all.

“Thankfully, I work under good management both at the hospital where I work and also the recording company,” said Syamin who is now under the management of CQ Music Sdn Bhd and Wake The Baby Records.

For effective time management, he was careful to split his time between accomplishing his duty as a nurse and spending time at the recording company at Kuala Lumpur.

He finds that a nurse and a singer have one thing in common: making people happy. Through music, he thrives from the satisfaction of making people feel happy through his song.

“The best part about singing is the ability to make people happy and I like to make people happy. I am a nurse and I love helping people and when I sing, I love to see people look happy,” he added.


In the end of his performance, Syamin received a birthday surprise from Era Sarawak fm presenters.

Syamin receiving a birthday surprise from Era Sarawak fm presenters during his recent performance in Miri.

He charmed the crowd with his boyish good looks and smooth voice

He charmed the crowd at Era fm’s Mini Concert with his boyish good looks and smooth voice.


When he is not performing or recording songs, he is either working or making covers on YouTube, ballads being his genre of choice. Among his covers include ‘Sandiwara Cinta’ by Republik and ‘Bila Tiba’ by Ungu which he did when he was 20 years old and first learning how to play the guitar from watching other artists making covers on Youtube.

On November 1st, Syamin was one of the 10 artistes to perform at Era Mini Concert in conjunction with the Malaysia Year End Sale where he had no problem charming the crowd with his smooth velvety voice when he performed ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5 and his popular ballad hit, ‘Lagi dan lagi’.

As of now, besides making appearances and doing interviews, Syamin is getting offers to perform not only locally but also outside Malaysia. According to chief executive officer, Amin Aznizan, Syamin is now in discussions to perform during a carnival in Brunei.

In addition to that, fans might also be delighted to hear that in late November, Syamin will be heading to South Korea where he will be shooting a music video for his second single, ‘Cinta Yang Tak Mampu’.

To find out more about Syamin, check out his Facebook page at:

Watch his official music video ‘Lagi dan Lagi’ below:


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