REVIEW: Jase’s Tea Room

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit


WATCHING A CAKE-BAKING competition on television while you’re hungry is never a good idea especially when you’ve sworn not to eat sugar-laden food because all it does – besides taste good – is contribute to teeth cavities.

But when your equally cake-addicted friend suggests cakes for lunch as if it is the most normal thing to eat at that hour, one can think, ‘Ok, sure, why not?’

Luckily for cake addicts out there, Kuching is not short of cute and cosy cafes offering limitless choice of coffee, tea, smoothies and of course, a variety of pastries and cakes.

Although our craving for cakes was satisfied during that one time lunch period, the obsession did not stop there and so my cake searching expedition continued for the next few days which then led me to Jase’s Tea Room.

Located at Premier 101 on the first floor above a Korean restaurant, one can easily pass by the cafe without a second glance but for the neon sign displaying ’Jase’s Tea Room’ which is especially noticeable at nighttime.


jases tea room combo

A perfect spot for hanging out with friends or enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea while reading a book.


When you enter Jase’s Tea Room, you will be greeted by the sight of a decent-sized comfy sofa – enough to accommodate at least six to seven people – which is the perfect spot if you are planning on hanging out with your friends or maybe having a group discussion while enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea.

While it is a great spot for hanging out, the dim and calm atmosphere with slow soothing music playing in the background also makes it a suitable place if you want solitude. If you are looking for a place where you can just curl up in a sofa with a book on one hand and a hot drink on the other then this is the place where you are meant to be especially when it is all chilly and rainy outside.

The drapes hanging from the ceiling also acts as dividers between tables and sofas, giving the cafe a bohemian/Arabic sort of atmosphere in addition to providing visitors their own personal space.

With the menu on the wall above the cashier, and orders written on the glass top before the cashier in whiteboard marker, it’s a great way to save on paper and trees.


What’s for dessert?


I have always been a sucker for cakes decorated with fresh red berries so I decided to try the cranberry cheesecake which was creamy, soft and nutty at the bottom.


Cranberry cheesecake

Their cranberry cheesecake was a great combination of textures; creamy on top and nutty along the bottom.


Jase’s Tea Room also offered other choices of cake like strawberry cheesecake, crunchy tiramisu and hazelnut chocolate.

Naturally, cakes taste better when they are served alongside coffee or tea. At Jase’s Tea Room, you can have a fairly liberal choice between iced blended espressos, milkshakes, coffee liquors, tea and chocolate drinks.

But, if you prefer to have tea to go with your cake, then why not try their herbal caffeine free tea? At Jase’s, they serve a choice of blackcurrant leaves herbal tea, ginger root, lemongrass, chamomile and pink rose bud.



Try their herbal caffeine-free teas.


Aside from being caffeine free, these herbal teas also provide other benefits as well like chamomile, which is supposed to be the best choice if you have trouble sleeping, while blackcurrant leaves are good for treating coughs and ginger root is recommended for digestion.



The baristas go all out decorating your coffee, or in this case, hot chocolate.


Their shake-a-mango milkshake topped with ice-cream is a refreshing and satisfying drink.


But if you feel like having something rich and sweet, the chocolate drinks offered at Jase’s Tea Room seem fitting. Creamy but not overly sweet, I bet most would not miss the chance to put pictures of the chocolate drink on Instagram since they come beautifully decorated with flower or teddy bear patterns by the barista.

Open from 7 pm till 12.30am Mondays to Saturdays and 2.30 pm till 12.30am on Sundays, Jase’s Tea Room is the perfect place to meet up with your friends for a chat or some solitude if you just want to be a peaceful night with your book and a cup of tea on a rainy night.



See you at Jase’s Tea Room!

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