SEGi graduates reminded of their roles as future leaders

By Patricia Hului


“All that is happening in the world today where there is a clash of civilisations and a clash of religions is simply because the education system of my generation have failed; failed to understand and failed to respect,” said SEGi University vice-chancellor Emeritus Professor Dr Muhamad Awang during SEGi College Sarawak’s graduation ceremony on Nov 1.

Before congratulating the 400 graduates receiving their scrolls in certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters from various courses including management, accountancy, hospitality, law and IT, he reminded them of the importance of first learning how to understand and respect others in a multi-religious world.

Professor Muhamad then reminded the Gen Y generation about verification of information.

“Information is now easily available at the tip of your fingers. We hope that you will verify the information you get before sharing it with others.

“You are going to be our future leaders. As future leaders, you have the responsibility to differentiate the good, the bad and the ugly,” he said.


CONGRATULATIONS: Muhamad handing a scroll to one of the graduates as Putit (right) looks on.

CONGRATULATIONS: Muhamad handing a scroll to one of the graduates as Putit (right) looks on.


He continued, “Do not forget the people who have helped you form the foundation of your success. They are your parents, siblings, friends and teachers. No matter how successful you become, acknowledge those who have helped you along the way.”

Professor Muhamad also advised the students to pursue what they love as a career.

“A job will merely be a job if you do not have the passion in what you do. Strive to do your best in all you do and you will achieve the greatest joy and contentment you can ever have.

He hoped that the graduates would not stop being students and continue learning.

“The fact that you will have exams does not that you should not go on learning. You will be learning how to effective employees, how to be exemplary citizens in your communities, and how to contribute to nation-building.”

Also present at the ceremony was Chief Executive of SEGi College Sarawak Datu Haji Putit Matzen, who highlighted in his speech that SEGi’s courses of study contents and variety have been streamlined in such a manner that their qualifications have become more industry-driven to make graduates more employable and competitive.

SEGi College Sarawak is also continually working with internationally known universities to ensure Sarawakians will be able to afford UK, Australian or American degrees at a much lower cost than having to fly to those countries to do the same degree programmes.

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