Less garbage, more trees for Pantai Puteri

By Patricia Hului


One tree can produce nearly 110 kg of oxygen a year. So imagine how much oxygen 30 trees can produce?

In order to enhance Pantai Puteri’s landscape and raise awareness among young people, Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch (MNSKB) and Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) jointly organised a Community Tree Planting activity followed by a beach clean-up.

Since Pantai Puteri is located within the boundaries of Kampung Santubong, DBKU and MNSKB also invited members of Kampung Santubong’s Security and Development Committee (JKKK).


PLANTING AND POSING:  DBKU employees, MNSKB members and SMK Santubong’s students posing for a group photo.

DBKU employees, MNSKB members and a couple SMK Santubong students posing for a group photo.


About 40 students from SMK Santubong and 10 students from SK Santubong also helped plant the seedlings and clean up the beach area. The 30 tree seedlings of three species namely rhu bukit, salam and bintangor laut planted at the area.

Kit Pearce, a MNSKB member first explained to the students the characteristic of each species for instance, Bintangor Laut could grow very well at seashore.

“It is big tree and good for climbing,” she said about Bintangor Laut.

As for rhu bukit, Pearce said that: “Here we already have rhu laut but today we are planting rhu bukit. This tree looks like a Christmas tree and it is also grows well on sand.”

She also explained that the ‘salam’ tree was also known as ‘bungkang’ in Iban. “It is a tree that can grow in the open and we like it because it attracts birds.”

After planting the trees, everybody set out to collect any rubbish on sight.
The garbage varies from food wrapper to old fishing net. Most probably rubbish washed out from the ocean and litters from the beach-goers.


WOMAN WITH SHOVEL: Some members of the Kampung Santubong’s JKKK planting tree

 Some members from Kampung Santubong’s JKKK planting a tree.


The tree seedlings were donated by Sarawak Forest Tree Seed Bank of Sarawak Forestry Corporation.

The objective of the event according to the press release statement was to join with local community members, including school students, to get to know each other while planting native tree seedlings at an overgrown beach reserve area in order to enhance the area as a recreation spot.

Speaking to the young students who attended the event, vice –chairman of MNSKB Vincent Wong said, “This is for you the young ones not for us.”

He continued, “We are planting trees here to keep Santubong clean. We don’t want Santubong to be concrete jungle.”

The morning ended like any other beach cleaning activity; a photo taken with all the garbage collected!


ONE FOR THE ROAD: Participants of MNSKB and DBKU’s tree planting and beach cleaning activity with all the rubbish they collected.

Participants of MNSKB and DBKU’s tree planting and beach cleaning activity with all the rubbish they collected.


The event was one of the lead-up events to help raise awareness of upcoming Santubong Nature Festival which will be held November 8-9.

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