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My personal (and biased) opinion on online-dating! 🙂


By Karen Chin


I WAS FIRST INTRODUCED to the world of online-dating when I broke up with one of my long-term boyfriends. During a teary post-breakup Whatsapp conversation, my well-meaning friend told me that one of her colleagues was online-dating and that she had found it fun. She thought it would be a good distraction for me.

That was the start of my ‘colourful’ dating life.


It’s a crazy virtual dating world out there!

It’s a crazy virtual dating world out there!


1. The Sweet Talker

It is a huge red flag when someone you don’t know a.k.a. a stranger starts off with “Hey, baby.” It is either he is that confident and cocky, and has the package (sorry, no pun intended) to back that attitude up, or he lacks social skills and is clueless about how decent women work. Ditto to cheesy pick-ups lines. Do not confuse this man for Prince Charming.

2. The Strong Silent Type

This is the guy that goes “Hey” and then expects you to run the whole conversation. He will not ask you any other question besides “How are you?” and “How was your day?”, sometimes repeatedly as if he cannot remember if he had already asked you (or the other girl he is chatting to). One can just assume that this guy is not really interested in any sort of stimulating conversations or he’s just that – empty. Stick around for as long as your patience can handle, and maybe if he is that cute and you are that superficial – you can meet up just to stare at him.


With the internet, it is now easy to meet people from other places – but that doesn’t make it easier to find The One.

With the internet, it is now easy to meet people from other places – but that doesn’t make it easier to find The One.


3. The Tourist

These are the guys that are in town for a day or two. They are not looking for anything serious, and if you are game for hang-outs and not getting invested, they are ok. The worst you can get is the types that start off the conversation with “Hotel?” In this situation, you can then reply and show off some wit, for instance, “Sorry you are on the wrong website, please try”.

However, there are some who actually uses dating tools to network and to actually meet new friends from the countries that they are visiting – that way that can do what the locals do, which is fair enough. I have made cool friends this way, honestly – and it can be fun in a totally platonic way.

4. The Long-winded

Honestly, I prefer this type. They talk a lot, you have awesome conversations with them, and it is sometimes a sign of good chemistry. However, if they start getting long-winded about weird topics and they do not seem to realise that there are other people on earth sharing oxygen with them – steer clear before you get absorbed into a narcissist’s world.

5. The Copy-Paste

You can spot this one from a mile away when they write pretty generic stuff like “I read your profile and I think that you have a great personality” and then you think, ‘I didn’t write anything in my profile.’ Also you can also tell by the way there is an extra space bar after “Hey” that is where they should insert name of current target, but sometimes they forget. Maybe ladies should just skip this one.

6. The Casual

They make it so clear at the very beginning, so why would you expect more? “I’m just dating around.” “I am just making friends.” “Networking.” It doesn’t get more direct than this: “I am not looking for a relationship.” Ladies, no need for hackers or mind-readers to read this code; these guys are looking for friends – with benefits.

7. The One That Needs To Get A Life

Then there are those who message you all the time “What are you doing?” And when the question is reflected upon them, the answer is always “Nothing.” Ok. I have actual stuff to do, so bye.

8. The One That Is So “Hard To Get”

The polar opposite of the guy number 7 is the one who seems to never have time for you. It seems like us girls complain about everything, but seriously where is the balance? And why are they on the dating application in the first place if they don’t have a single second in a day to text you or reply to your text?

Answer is: probably dating is not their priority (which is still quite respectable) or you aren’t the priority in the sea of fishes and (no!) mermaids.

9. The One Who is Actually Decent

Once in a while, you come across some who are actually, maybe, just like you and looking for the same things as you. They ask you out on decent dates, are perfect gentlemen and don’t make perverted comments. Try to gauge if you are indeed dating a decent guy or just waiting to topple into the friend zone. Sometimes you are indeed already playing in the friend zone, but then again he is too ‘nice’ to mention that to you.

10. Weirdos Need Not Apply

I have met those who are not only completely smitten with you at first sight (yes, it is flattering, but trust me, it gets utterly creepy really fast). Do not accept any marriage proposals after the first date.

11. The Hit-and-Run

You have had a nice chat online, and agree to meet up for drinks. They don’t show up and they never text you again. Like, what just happened here? But no room for analyzing, it is just only the hazards that sometimes come with online dating. No harm, no foul. Just make use of that block button. Seriously, ladies, don’t throw a fit. Be cool and vanish into thin air away from douchebags like him.


Good luck, you never know - you might just meet your other half online! That is me being optimistic, by the way.

Good luck, you never know – you might just meet your other half online! That is me being optimistic, by the way.


On a more serious note though, all safety precautions should be taken when online-dating such as not giving out personal information and such (read up online for more safety tips). Play it safe and be smart, and enjoy – after all, dating can be really fun!



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