‘Judge Dredd’ miniseries to debut online this month

 "Dredd" was released in 2012. ©All Rights Reserved.

“Dredd” was released in 2012.
©All Rights Reserved.

‘Dredd’, the 2012 remake of the 1995 film ‘Judge Dredd’, was successful enough to merit consideration for a sequel. But as plans for a second movie have been slow to take off, the executive producer behind ‘Dredd’ decided to launch a follow-up directly on the web.

In 1995, the violent and futuristic movie ‘Judge Dredd’ hit theaters with Sylvester Stallone in the title role. Two years ago, Pete Travis directed ‘Dredd’, a remake starring Karl Urban, which was a hit with fans of the original comic book.

In light of the film’s success, there was talk of a sequel, but nothing concrete has been announced since 2012. Tired of waiting, executive producer Adi Shankar decided to continue the Judge Dredd story outside of the confines of conventional movie studios with a new online miniseries.

Slated to debut online for free at the end of October, the seven-part miniseries will focus on the Dark Judges, the villains in the story who aim to decimate the human population. No details were revealed about the cast, so fans are left to speculate on Karl Urban’s possible involvement. -AFP/Relaxnews

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