Nintendo stars given colourful new makeovers in new ad

new3dsjptvspot.aebb0161104.w600Mario, Yoshi, Peach and DK are among the classic characters used to showing off the interchangable clamshell covers of the New Nintendo 3DS.

Greater customisation is the visible improvement that elevates the New Nintendo 3DS and its larger XL edition over their forebears, the 3DS, 3DS XL and wedge-shaped 2DS.

An additional directional nub and more powerful internal components also form part of the package, as well as colored face buttons that recall Nintendo’s heritage console, the Super Famicom or SNES.

There are two extra shoulder buttons and a built-in NFC that lets the 3DS interact with Nintendo’s line of character-based figurines, the Amiibos.

Launching in Japan on October 11, it has Australasian dates confirmed for November 21, with other regions awaiting further details. – AFP/Relaxnews

New Nintendo 3DS Japanese TV spot:

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