Awind gives all in bodybuilding

By Jude Toyat


HIS GOAL IS TO become a well-known professional bodybuilder and be crowned champion in at least one international bodybuilding event.

Standing tall at 180cm and weighing 75kg, Mohd Alrzrin Abdul Ghani, 21, from Miri has what it takes to get where he wants to go.


Alrzrin during his training sessions (1)


Otherwise known as Awind, he has been participating in several local bodybuilding competitions. Currently studying at a local college, he said that his inspiration comes from our very own state top bodybuilders, Nolan Chee Chean Syze and George Alwi.

“What motivated me to do bodybuilding are our very own bodybuilders, Nolan Chee and George Alwi who are also my current coaches who train me hoping that I can become someone like them in the future,” he said of his early involvement in the sport.

He has been training for three to four years to get to the peak physical form he is in now, and said that he has always put his full dedication into bodybuilding.


Alrzrin during his training sessions (4)

Taking a break from his gruelling sessions at the gym.


“In order to get my desired physique, it will take forever as I have to maintain and keep on improving on it, day by day, but as my passion grows, I will continue doing it wholeheartedly,” he added.

He also said that there is no rest day for him, as every day he has to be determined enough to train himself.

“My training depends on my goal. It keeps on changing due to my goal that is bulking or cutting phase. I train five times a week, Monday to Friday, and prior to competition, I will do my ordinary cardio on Saturday and Sunday too,” Awind clarified on his training routine.


Alrzrin during his training sessions (2)

Bodybuilding is not just about bulking up, it’s also about muscle definition and tone.


Besides intense training, he said that his diet was very simple: good carbs, protein and fibre.

“In bodybuilding, the basic supplement that we need is whey protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and multivitamin, that is needed for the muscles to grow. I spend RM300 every month just for these supplements,” he added.

“One of the challenges that I have been facing while pursuing my dream is when my body won’t improve according to what I want.

“Considering that I am still a student, and getting involved in a sport that requires a lot of money in order to buy supplement and food, which has also been a challenge for me,” he said when asked about the challenges he faced in the sport.

That being said, the encouragement and support given by his family have also been his motivators to keep his dreams alive.

“I do get thumbs up from my lecturers at college because they know the sport that I have been involving myself in.

There are the odd times when he gets strange looks.

“Sometimes, I do feel awkward because when I am in town; I do not know what they are thinking when they give me the weird stare,” Awind said of the response he has been receiving since he started the sport.

During his free time, Awind like to get himself a good rest at home with his family and considers it the best time to watch his diet. He also enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends.

Awind believes that asking questions about bodybuilding from local professional bodybuilders and keeping your head on straight by remaining humble are the keys to staying on the right path.

For him, the best thing in bodybuilding is when he wins a competition knowing that all of his hard work and dedication did not go to waste. The prizes, furthermore, which can vary between a cash prize and an additional prize of supplements, enable him to keep going on his bodybuilding regimen.


Mr. Boulevard Kuching 2014 (6)

Awind with his trophy and cash prize for winning the Championship title in the above 170cm category in the recent Mr Boulevard Kuching 2014 competition.


“My advice for those who wishes to get themselves involved in the sport, is to always put 100% dedication and discipline into it, never give up and eventually you will meet success. Never listen to negative talk from others, just do what you want to do and let your haters make you famous,” he enthused.

His idol in bodybuilding is Ulisses Jr., a Musclemania World Pro and SuperBody Pro Champion winner, considered by many as one of the most attractive sports athletes and natural bodybuilding icon ever, and hopes that one day he will also become a champion like him, preferably winning a title in the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) contest bringing bodybuilding in the state to a much higher level.


My Gym 1 Malaysia (Mr.Fitness) (8)

Flexing his muscles for the judges during the My Gym 1 Malaysia competition.


Awind, who is currently the official Kuching Supplements’ sponsored athlete, now lives in Kuching and looks forward to participating in as many bodybuilding competitions as he can to achieve his dreams on becoming the next big thing in local bodybuilding scene.


Sukma 2013 (12)

Placing third in Sukma 2013.


Among the competitions he has participated in include Sukan Malaysia (Sukma) 2013 held in Kuala Lumpur where he placed third in the 65kg – 70kg category; Mr Fitness Miri 2014 held at Institut Latihan Perindustrian (ILP) Miri and bagged a bronze medal; Mr Mayfest Body Fitness 2014 where he was crowned champion; Mr Gym 1Malaysia Sarawak 2014 (Mr. Fitness) held in Lundu where he won the Championship title, and his most recent ones winning the Mr. Boulevard 2014, Kuching (Mr. Fitness Above 170cm) and Mr. Boulevard 2014, Miri (Mr. Fitness) champion titles.

Miri Mr.Mayfest Body Fitness 2014 (6)

Winning Mr Mayfest Body Fitness 2014 in Miri.

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