Learn about the Xin Onn Hakkas of Kuching

According to Wikipedia, the Han Chinese which make up 95% of the population of mainland China are divided into several groups: Cantonese, Chuanqing, Fuzhouese, Min, Gan, Hunanese, Hoko, Shanghainese, Wu, Taishanese, Tanka, Teochew and Hakka.

For those of us in Sarawak, we may be more familiar with the Fuzhouese, the Teochews and the Hakkas.

In Kuching, under the Hakka category, there is another group of Chinese known as the Xin Onn Hakka.

Those interested to know more of the history of the Xin Onn Hakka in Kuching are invited to attend a public talk sponsored by Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM) which will be held on October 4 (Saturday) from 10.30 am to 12pm.

The highlight of the talk includes the origins of the Xin Onn Hakkas, how the Xin Onn Hakkas came to Kuching, the early arrivals, group migration, and the building of schools and associations.

No registration is required for this talk and it is going to be held at the Sarawak Taiwan Graduates Association Kuching Branch, 1st Floor, No.33, Jalan Abang Abdul Rahim, corner unit behind the Hock Lee Centre. The talk is for free.

KC Jong, the speaker, has written more than ten books in both Chinese and English, including four books on the Hakkas in Sarawak and the Red Rings.

He was born in Sebuku of Bau District in early 1942. He completed Senior Cambridge at Kuching St. Joseph’s School in 1963, and then started his 20 years as a journalist in both Chinese and English newspapers in Sarawak and Brunei.

After teaching for one year in a private school in Bau, Jong joined the Sarawak Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry as executive secretary in 1984 and left in Sept 1999.

Through correspondence courses, he obtained a diploma in journalism, and a bachelors and masters in information management.

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