Afgan breaks hearts on his L1ve to Love promo tour

By Jude Toyat

AFGANSYAH REZA’s promotional tour for his ‘L1ve to Love’ album in Kuching was getting off to a good start when he was greeted by at least 50 Sarawakian fans upon his arrival at Kuching International Airport September 13.


Die hard fans waiting for Afgan at Kuching International Airport on Sept 13

Die hard fans waiting for Afgan at Kuching International Airport on Sept 13. Photo courtesy of ORGKAMPONG


Afganismes will know him as Afgan, the 25-year-old Indonesian artiste of Minangkabau descent who has gained fame in the world of music in Indonesia and Malaysia with his youthful, soulful voice and his catchy melodies. He has become a favorite among the younger generation with his songs being played – and sung – far and wide.

“This is my first time here. Honestly, before I arrived, I did not expect much and thought that many may not know me here, but I was very shocked to see that the moment I arrived at the airport, a huge crowd of fans had waited for me,” he said when interviewed by reporters during a press conference held at The Hills Shopping Mall immediately after his arrival.

Afgan before the press conference here in Kuching.

Afgan before the press conference here in Kuching.

Afgan’s promotional tour, ‘L1ve to Love, Love to L1ve’ was a real treat for fans as he promoted his latest album and treated them to a special showcase on Sept 14 where he sang his popular hits and latest single ‘Katakan Tidak’.

‘L1ve to Love, Love to L1ve’ is his third album, after his debut album in January 2008, ‘Confession #1’, and ‘The One’ in 2010, as well as an EP, ‘Bersihkan Dirimu’ in 2009. The pop album was released February 13 under the Trinity Optima Production label and its currently two well-received singles ‘Pesan Cinta’ and ‘Jodoh Pasti Bertemu’ has been playing over the radio all over Malaysia.

When asked what made him choose Sarawak as one of his promotional destinations, he answered, “I chose Sarawak because I never got the chance to be here before, but I have heard so much about the good things and people of Sarawak. Thus, I am very excited to finally be here.”

Although he did admit that he did not know much about Sarawak, he was excited to try the food here, especially the Mee Kolok and seafood.

On September 14, about 3,000 fans came to watch him perform his showcase at The Hills Shopping Mall Concourse from 2 pm onwards after a brief meet-and-greet session.


Afgan signing his autograph on a poster for the showcase

Afgan autographing a poster for the showcase


Before Afgan began his showcase, the crowd was entertained by rising local artiste Syamin Jasmi of CQ Music who did the opening act performed his latest single ‘Lagu dan Lagi’, a track produced and composed by Ajai, a big name in the local music industry.


afganisme - p3

The excited crowd waiting for his showcase to start.


The crowd yelled at the top of their lungs when Afgan made his entrance to the stage and charmed them by greeting them with “Kamek sayang orang Kuching” (“I love Kuchingites”) which made the fans even more excited.

During the showcase, Afgan sang five of his well-received songs in Malaysia, which included his must-sing hit ‘Bukan Cinta Biasa’ and his rendition of Sheila Majid’s ‘Ku Mohon’ before singing his single, ‘Katakan Tidak’.

He further thrilled the crowd when when he personally invited a fan to come up on the stage and sit on a chair while he sang to her.


afganisme - p4

Afgan set fan Michelle Agan’s heart all a-flutter when he sang to her onstage.

Michelle Agan, 18, Diploma in Mass Communication student from Lim Kok Wing University Kuching. She received a GoPro from Afgan. “I feel a mix of emotions when he chose me to come up on stage. I feel happy, but at the same time bad since my friend is his university mate once but he chose me over her. He is indeed very professional on stage,” she said

Michelle Agan, 18, Diploma in Mass Communication student from Lim Kok Wing University Kuching after the showcase where she not only received a special performance but also a GoPro camera as a souvenir. Of the experience, she said: “I felt a mix of emotions when he chose me to come up on stage, happy because I got picked but bad because he picked me over my friend who was his former university-mate. He is very professional on stage.”


When asked about his thoughts about Kuching, Afgan said: “Personally, I think Kuching is a real great city to live in. I love the vibes here, it is very relaxing. The people of Sarawak are also very nice. I can say, after this visit and the encouraging support which I received, there will then be a next time.”

After the promotional campaign in Kuching, Afgan added that there will also be a tour in Malaysia soon. The dates are yet to be announced.

Afgan has received many awards since his involvement in the music industry including Best Male Vocalist award during the Indonesian Music Awards in 2009 for ‘Terima Kasih Cinta’, and the most recent being Best Male Singer for Indosat Awards and Indigo Awards in 2011.

Apart from singing, this multi-talented singer and actor who acted in Bukan Cinta Biasa (2009) and Cinta 2 Hati (2010), has also directed his first movie entitled ‘Gila & Jiwa’, together with four renowned directors in Indonesia, Julia Perez, Aming Sugandhi, Ade Paloh and Ria Irawan in collaboration with FireBird Films.

“The interest in directing has always been in me. I love making short movies since I was in high school. Even after my arrival here, I managed to write down some of the inspirations I got here for my next story,” he added.

The musical film which is expected to be released March next year tells a story about the life of a man who was often bullied as a child.

“I hope that this movie will be received commercially and enters film festivals too,” he added.

Afgan added, “If I was given the chance to do a duet with a Malaysian singer, I would definitely choose Sheila Majid because I have been her fan since I was a kid. That is one of my dreams which I hope to soon be fulfilled.”

The ‘L1ve to Love’ album contains ten tracks; where three songs from the album have also been released as singles that includes ‘Pesan Cinta’, ‘Jodoh Pasti Bertemu’ and, of course, ‘Katakan Tidak’.

His latest single, ‘Katakan Tidak’ is about being faithful and saying no to cheating – hence ‘katakan tidak’. Afgan seems to have moved away from his typical mellow singing with a sexy-sweet falsetto voice that suits the poppy feel of this upbeat number which has already started to dominate the music charts.

Watch the Official Video here:

In keeping with his soulful crooning songs, ‘Jodoh Pasti Bertemu’, the second single is quite ‘straight to the point’ and basically everyone would have experienced it: Falling in love, being in a relationship and hoping for it to last. Indonesian singer-composer Bemby Noor created this song especially for Afgan since he believed that Afgan’s voice suited the song perfectly.

Released a bit earlier in November 2012, ‘Pesan Cinta’ is a feel-good song about a man who falls in love with a girl at first sight and how he tries to find ways to meet and court the girl. This song contains cute, simple and fun pop song elements.

Other songs include ‘Cinta Tanpa Syarat’, ‘Sabar’, ‘Jauh’, ‘Without You’, ‘Demi Kamu dan Aku’, ‘Tanpa Bahasa’ and ‘Untukmu Aku Bertahan’.

The ‘L1ve to Love’ showcase in Kuching was presented by ERA fm and supported by Leema Drink the Music in collaboration with The Hills Shopping Mall, SRC, Station One Café and Org Kampong.

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