Videos that will make you laugh and cry on Malaysia Day

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit

IT HAS BEEN 51 YEARS since the Federation of Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah formed the Federation of Malaysia on Sept 16, 1963. To commemorate that historic day in a fun way, here are compilations of some videos that will make laugh as you reflect on what makes us Malaysian. Happy Malaysia Day!


How racist are Malaysians?

At first glance at the title of the video, I actually hesitated to click on the link as I was afraid that I might find something disturbing about our fellow countrymen. But, as mentioned by the Malay Mail Online, the video went viral after it was uploaded less than 48 hours on social media and I finally succumbed to my curiosity.

In this five-and-a-half-minute video, Malaysians of various backgrounds are being called up for an audition at an advertising agency – Naga DDB – and are asked to repeat several offensive statements such as “Malays are stupid”, “the Chinese are pendatang” (immigrants) and the “Indians are smelly”.

During those so-called interviews, the interviewees not only refused to utter those remarks even though they were offered an exchange of money; instead they defended their own countrymen of different races and background – all done without them knowing that the camera was actually rolling the whole time.

Viewed more than 300, 000 times on Youtube, the video quickly gained response from the likes of Marina Mahathir and former deputy minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.


What makes us Malaysian

We may come from different walks of life and we may not share the same DNA, but as Malaysians, we do indeed have some traits in common.

In this video, we see some of the most commonly seen attitudes and habits shared throughout the whole country.

You know you are Malaysian if you have liberal usage of “I’m on the way” to imply that you are currently heading towards meeting our friends at the coffee shop, when – really – you are still at home taking your time getting out of bed and getting dressed.

Aside from that, it also shows the same love we share for durians, Petronas advertisements (how heartwarming are they?) and the passion to complain about almost everything (the weather, oil price hike).


Only in Malaysia

Only in Malaysia do we find unique traits that cannot be found in other countries. One of those being our calling everybody – even strangers – either ‘boss’, ‘uncle’, or ‘auntie’. Not only is this friendly gesture considered normal and polite among Malaysians, it also helps break the ice between strangers.

Other than that, only in Malaysia do you find that the hand gesture is indeed a powerful thing to use in your daily life. Try walking down the streets and lifting up your hand: the cars will definitely slow down for you.

And then there is the final trait we Malaysians all have, and that is only in our country, every single Malaysian has done it (don’t deny it), we will always ask for free gifts every time we purchase something new.


Accent and Language

This funny duo might not be Malaysian (they are Singaporeans), but they did almost passable accents of various Malaysian people from the states of Terengganu to Sarawak.

While Hirzi (one half of ‘Munah and Hirzi’) did an acceptable Kelantanese accent, he failed miserably when asked to do all the northern accents coming from Kedah, Perak and Pahang. As for a Sarawak accent, Hirzi did admit he did not know any but he managed to sing Zee Avi’s ‘Sibok Kitak Nangis’. Sadly, they missed out the Sabahan accent.

This video may be a little outdated, it was published on August 31st 2013 and was actually made for their Malaysians fans on Merdeka Day, but in the good-natured spirit of celebrating the Federation of Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah uniting to become a country on September 16th 1963, this video shows the colourful accents throughout Malaysia.


Petronas advertisement

For years, Petronas has never failed to produce a heart -warming, soul stirring, tissue-grabbing advertisement and the latest one is no exception.

In the latest Petronas advertisement, with over five million views, ‘A Walk Through Time’ is a story of two boys as they take a walk through time as some of the historical moments happening in Malaysia such as the screening of Laksamana Do Re Mi for the first time and our first national car, the Proton Saga.

Through this video, Petronas hopes that by walking down memory lane, we can look back at what we have accomplished as a nation.

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