Hafiz brings his music video home in ‘Matahari’

By Patricia Hului


DRESSED IN A STAINED white shirt and brown pants that could be three sizes bigger, Hafiz Suip of AF7 fame joined a few media representatives for a quick chat on Sept 3.

Back in Kuching to film his upcoming music video ‘Matahari’, Hafiz was clearly in his comfort zone as the first thing he asked the media was: “Can I speak in Sarawak Malay?”

Of course we let him.

‘Matahari’ is Hafiz’s latest single after the award-winning ‘Bahagiamu Deritaku’ and his first music video to be filmed in Sarawak.


Hafiz, also known as Hafiz AF is still a Kuchingite at heart.

Hafiz, also known as Hafiz AF is still a Kuchingite at heart.


“I just want to say I’m proud to be a Sarawakian, I want to show people what we have here in Sarawak,” said the 24-year-old singer.

“When we had a meeting prior to this, I decided I might as well do at least one of my music videos here in Sarawak.”

The ‘Matahari’ MV sees Hafiz playing the role of a homeless man with his younger sister (played by 7-year-old Puteri Balqis Azizi, also known as Aqish) who live in a deserted warehouse together with three other homeless folks (which explains his worn and stained clothes during the interview).


Behind the scene of Khairul’s MV.

Behind the scenes on the ‘Matahari’ MV.


The shooting for Matahari MV took the 40 members of production team to several locations in Kuching including the old mosque at India Street and a shoplot near Palm Street.

“The moral of the story I want to relay though this music video is not about homelessness; I’m trying to say we as human beings should not judge others just because they are poor, or think of them as an eyesore, because we never know what they do to survive,” Hafiz explained.


A sneak peak of Hafiz’s music video Matahari

‘Matahari’ is about finding hope in the bleakest of situations.


This music video also features at least seven other extras from Sarawak.

Hafiz mentioned he was very excited to work with local talents, “I have been able to meet with all these talented Sarawakians. We Sarawakians do have a lot of hidden talents.

“Before this my video ‘Bahagiamu Deritaku’ thankfully reached around 7 million views on Youtube,” he said, hoping ‘Matahari’ will reach more views than that.

Hafiz had nothing but praise and adoration for his co-star in the video, complimenting her on her amazing acting skills.

The tiny little Aqish was all poise and politeness when she talked to a group of strangers telling us it was her first time here in Sarawak.


Aqish, young and talented child actress.

Aqish, Hafiz’ young and talented costar.


Aqish said she had to take a break from her home-school classes to shoot this video.

She shared that ‘Matahari’ would be her first music video but it was not the first time for Aqish and Hafiz to be working together. They worked together voice dubbing for the movie ‘Despicable 2’.

Directed by 31 year-old Khairul Hazwan, whose music video directory works include ‘Sebulatnya’ by The Fabulous Cat, ‘Permintaan Hati’ by Nanasheme, ‘Jangan Pergi’ by Loka and many more.

Khairul spent four days to fully understand the meaning of the song.

He shared, “For me, Matahari is a metaphor for hope. Once I grasped the meaning, my first thought was a sad tale.”


Khairul in action

Khairul in action. He hopes to see ‘Matahari’ recognised with an award.


Generating the idea for this video, he further mentioned that the more he studied and tried to relate it to our community, Khairul concluded that the homeless need hope the most.

Khairul also pointed out Matahari MV would be his first music video without any lip-syncing. “This music video is a short film, and so Hafiz won’t sing any lines but will be acting throughout the video.

“Somehow what I’m trying to portray is that no matter how hard our lives are, we may not get everything we want, but we will still have something. The least is we should be grateful with what we have,” he stated.

According to Khairul, the music video which took over two days to shoot has its own difficulties and their main issue was because the crew was not familiar with Kuching.

They even flew three days earlier before the shooting date simply to finalise the shooting locations.

Khairul hopes that this video will earn the best music video award for Anugerah Industri Muzik 2014.

Speaking of awards, Hafiz also informed us that he has been nominated for four awards in this upcoming Anugerah Planet Muzik to be held at Suntec Singapore on Oct 17.

For the song ‘Salahku’ which Hafiz sang with Indonesian pop star Rossa, our Sarawak pride received nominations for Best Duo/Group and Best Collaboration (Artist).

He was also nominated for Social Media Icon and Best Male Artist.

Wait for Hafiz’s upcoming music video which will be expected to be released end of September on Astro Gempak’s official Youtube channel.

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