Boulevard’s cycling activity fun for all

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit

LOOKING FRESH AND READY TO GO on an early Sunday morning was Marjorie Goh, one among many enthusiastic cyclists looking forward to a joyful ride around the beautiful town of Kuching during the Boulevard Fun Ride Fiesta.


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FOR HEALTH: Marjorie Goh has been using the same bicycle since Primary 6.

FOR HEALTH: Marjorie Goh cycles up to 10km around town every morning.


For Marjorie, cycling is a great way to keep up good health and she has always been enthusiastic to join any cycling event around town.

“I have been riding my bicycle since Primary 6 and so this bicycle is already 32 years old,” she said, adding that she would cycle five to 10km every morning around town without fail.

In conjunction with Boulevard Health Month, the Boulevard Fun Ride Fiesta led by the Kuching Cop Cycling Club was held at the Boulevard Shopping Mall. As its name suggests, the cycling event was not a competition but a great opportunity for many to spend time with family and friends doing a healthy activity.


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Ready Set Go: Some of the 500 cyclists that participated in the Boulevard Fun Ride Fiesta Aug 24.

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As many as 500 energetic and eager cyclists turned up early last Sunday morning August 24 to register before the flag off at 7 am.

At least 100 Marshalls were in charge of leading the 14 km cycling route which started at Boulevard Shopping Mall and led to ST3 Mall, Civic Centre, passing Mango Tree restaurant on the way and then to Third Mile before heading to the finishing point back at Boulevard Shopping Mall. In addition to that, a paramedic group of 20 members from St. John’s Ambulance were present for emergency aid.


GETTING READY: The Marshalls have some time for photos before starting cycling activity

GETTING READY: The Marshalls have some time for photos before starting cycling activity


By 8 am, the first batch of cyclists had returned to Boulevard; Marjorie was one of them.

“The ride was enjoyable and I am actually not tired because I have been doing it for quite some time,” Marjorie added happily.

Also among the first batch to arrive were friends Emmanuel Christy, Mc Avenie Goh and Maximilian Lenjau. Looking relaxed and accomplished, the three athletic friends said they have always been active in cycling together.


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FRIENDS WITH SAME INTEREST: (From left) Mc Avenie Goh, Maximilian Lenjau and Emmanuel Christy.

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“Apart from the slight rain, the ride was okay,” said Emmanuel, who found out about the event from friends.

For 17-year-old Maximilian who has been actively cycling for two years now, the cycling event was like a typical everyday fun ride but one that also managed to teach him to be cautious on the road.

“When you are on the road, you will become alert of the cars around and since I have a short attention span, today’s event taught me to be aware of my surroundings,” said Maximilian.

As for Mc Avenie, who joined the cycling event with the same purpose as his two friends, he thinks that the fun ride was both fun and thrilling.

Aside from the cycling event, a charity sale by the Green Ribbon Association at the outdoor car park was set up.


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FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Lots of food, beverage and other stuff at the charity sale organised by the Green Ribbon Association.

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LIVELY: The crowds filling the outdoor carpark at Boulevard for the charity sale.


In addition to the charity sale, other highlights of the day included a lucky draw where registered participants had a chance to win prizes worth more than RM10,000.

Among other activities included for the day were booth games where 10 Lenovo smartphones were up for grabs, a yoyo performance by Team Yo Blitz, street magicians from Team LIVE EFFECTS Event Entertainment and a health screening by BP Health Care.

These days, more healthy activities are being regularly organised around Kuching, with the Boulevard Fun Ride Fiesta being one of them, it seems that Kuchingites are indeed heading towards a positive direction with people embracing a healthier and fuller lifestyle.

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