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By Jude Toyat


HAVING A GOOD JOB can make one forget about career development. Later on down the road though, many are learning that having extra academic qualifications can help secure better jobs and promotions, and that is when working adults begin to think about doing postgraduates studies.

Postgraduate studies enables one to perform better in their jobs and produce better performance and outcomes for the good of themselves and the organisations and companies they are working with.

To assist working adults, especially those in executive and professional levels to meet new work challenges, improve companies’ performances, and help them advance in their careers; a private university was established in Malaysia in 2008, known as the Asia e University (AeU).

Set under the Interface Global Education Group, AeU aims to improve management knowledge and skills of its students who have years of working experience in their respected business fields.

Apart from that, AeU also provides students with formal business management education encompassing international exposure and cross border cultural understanding opportunities.

According to business development manager of Interface Education Group, Capt Anwar Kamal, the university provides practical and industry-based programmes that are especially designed based on actual industry experience and lecturers consisting of qualified professionals with adequate practical work experience within their respective industries.


Capt Anwar Kamal

Capt Anwar Kamal


“The programmes offered here in AeU consists of Executive Diploma, Bachelor and Masters degree that specialise in management, leadership, human resources, finance, logistics, and supply chain management.” he said when interviewed recently at their learning centre at Jalan Kulas, Kuching.

Currently, AeU operates throughout 32 countries worldwide, with learning centers located in various places including Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia with their headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur. They have successfully recruited about 5,000 students.

Capt Anwar also added that the programmes offered at AeU are quite popular among working adults because it offers shorter study durations that also help them to study at their convenience and own pace.


AeU's courses offer working adults the chance to upgrade their work experience.

AeU’s courses offer working adults the chance to upgrade their work experience.


“Diploma programmes last about 10 months to a year, with group or individual assignments for each module. Students taking diploma programmes here also will have the opportunity to do overseas module in any ASEAN country besides attending industry seminar with experienced industry practitioners.”

Meanwhile, Bachelor programmes, will last for 18 months to two years, and students’ age and industry experience will also count for credits. Bachelor students also will undertake industry visits to Bandung, Jakarta, Manila, Vietnam or Sri Lanka in the duration of their studies.

“The Masters programme will last at least a year. These programmes also include the cost of two or three industry visits to Australia and New Zealand to undertake three modules, ie. International Business, Global Marketing and Business Process Improvement there, and another advantage for them is Master students will received complimentary membership with the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM).”


What a day in the AeU classroom may look like.

What a day in the AeU classroom may look like.


Currently, AeU has approximately 4,000 students and most of them comprise those working as supervisors, managers, entrepreneurs, as well as technical professionals such as engineers and computer experts who joined AeU to learn more on non-technical soft-skills in management, human resource management, marketing as well as finance.

Currently AeU is offering courses at RM8,600 for Diploma programmes, RM12,000 to RM15,000 for Bachelors, and RM17,000 to RM20,000 for Masters.

When asked about the most popular programme taken here in Sarawak, Capt Anwar answered, “In Sarawak, people are more interested in plantations, and most of them chose to pursue Professional Diploma in Management (Plantation Management), Bachelors in Management (Plantation Management) or Master in Plantation Management.”

The programmes being offered in AeU are targeted to improve productivity of students, improve organisation competitiveness and provide opportunities for career growth.


An opportunity for working adults to upgrade in an increasingly competitive work environment.

An opportunity for working adults to upgrade in an increasingly competitive work environment.


Several international universities also collaborate with AeU including Murdoch University, the Australian College of Management, University of Southern Queensland, Bond University, Southern TAFT and Central TAFT in Australia and the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) in New Zealand, by providing opportunities to learn from industry experts as well as to build their self-confidence in doing business through exposures outside the country.

AeU has now become internationally renowned through its strategic alliance and partnering universities in Middle East, India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and other South East Asian countries and they are committed to become a regional and global brand for lifelong learning professionals wishing to enhance their skills and knowledge apart from embracing themselves to become globally competitive.

“In Malaysia, AeU is proud to be the biggest provider for lifelong learning. Although it is quite low profile and not many knows of its existence, industry leaders knows us through our involvement in corporate presentations and our programmes that focuses on affordability, accessibility, and marketability characterized by flexibility, quality and relevance to global environment,” Capt Anwar said.

AeU is an international university funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Higher Education that was set under the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), an international organisation made up of 31 countries worldwide.

On the recommendations of the 2004 Kuala Lumpur’s ACD e-Education Workshop and the Islamabad Declaration 2005 following the 4th ACD’s Ministerial Meeting in Pakistan, Malaysia took the initiative to establish AeU with the support of 31 ACD member countries, with its main campus located in Kuala Lumpur.

For those who wish to further their studies, especially among working adults, AeU is undeniably one of the best choice of learning providers for one to improve themselves in line with the Government Transformation Programme to produce quality workers with good working skills and knowledge through proper academic qualifications as well as to develop human capital to strengthen nation’s global competitiveness and creating knowledgeable, skilled and creative professionals.

For more information on Asia e University, the programmes being offered, entry qualifications, and other useful information, log on to or email at [email protected]

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