MOVIE REVIEW: The Expendables 3

By Patricia Hului



The Expendables are back again, a movie franchise featuring almost every actor you can think of that has thrown punches and shot guns throughout the last 30-40 years together onscreen.

This time they are bringing in a Twilight vampire, UFC Fighter, an actor I don’t recognise, a boxer, Blade, Dr Frasier, William Wallace, Zorro and of course, Indiana Jones.

Who am I talking about? To amp up the star power in this movie (as if it wasn’t enough), Kellan Lutz, Ronda Rousey, Glen Powell, Victor Ortiz, Kelsey Grammer, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas and Harrison Ford joined the ensemble.

Previous cast members Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Arnold Schwazenegger come back to reprise their roles.

So for those who are not familiar with the Expendables; they are a group of elite mercenaries led by Barney (Stallone) who execute dangerous missions for the US government.

In this third instalment, Barney decides to bring in new blood for his new team to fight Conrad Stonebanks (Gibson), a former Expendable turned war criminal and arms trader.

Just like the previous two movies, you are going to forget the movie’s plot anyway but watch The Expendables 3 to answer the ‘what would happen if’ questions from your childhood imagination:

  • What would happen if Jet Li and Terminator were together in a gunfight?
  • If Rocky (Stallone) and Martin Riggs (Gibson) were in hand-to-hand combat, who would win?
  • Can Antonio Banderas pull the moves like Puss in Boots?

It is a movie that pays homage to the old action stars as well as giving way to new ones.

Since it is hard to fit everyone in a 126-minute movie, be ready to be disappointed when your favourite action star does not get as much screen time as you like.

If I were to applaud only one thing from the movie, I would clap for Mel Gibson’s acting. He plays a completely believable badass war criminal that kills innocent people and sells illegal weapons.

Malaysians, before you head out to the cinema to watch The Expendables; here are some fun facts you need to know. (Trust me, it’ll help you enjoy the movie more):

  • Snipes who plays Doc was sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion in real life.
  • They did not bring in Rousey, a top mixed martial artist and Olympic medal winner in Judo to not show you some action straight from the mixed martial arts cage, so watch out for that.
  • Off-screen, Ford who plays a CIA operative named Drummer is a private pilot for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

It is the first Expendables movie to be rated PG-13. You know what that means, it is less nasty than the previous two movies.

Overall, The Expendables 3 is what you’d expect an Expendables movie to be: humorous, chockfull with inside jokes, bullets, bombs, swinging fists and nothing more.

The Expendables 3
Director: Patrick Hughes
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Kelsey Grammer, Glen Powell, Antonio Banderas, Victor Ortiz, Ronda Rousey, Kellan Lutz, Jet Li
Rating: PG-13
Running time: 126 minutes.

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