A sombre mood for Hari Raya this year

By Jude Toyat

FOR MALAYSIA, this year has seen one tragic incident after another. Lives of innocent people have been lost in a split second, without any warning, indications or signs, impacting us here at home and around the world.

After MH370, we were struck with news of Malaysia Airlines jetliner MH17 being shot down over Ukraine on Jul 17; 298 lives lost in mid air, 43 of whom were Malaysians, including a family of six on their way back to Kuching for good to celebrate Hari Raya with their loved ones.

Such tragedies have reminded us how temporary our lives on earth really are. They have also taught us to love ourselves and people around us more.

We asked how the tragedies might affect the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations.


Mesah Suhaili

Mesah Suhaili


Hailing from Kuching, Mesah Suhaili, 52, said that she and her family will celebrate Hari Raya this year moderately unlike previous years, to honor those who have lost.

“The mother of Ariza, from Semariang, who died in the tragedy was my friend, and I really feel the grief. In times like this, we have to remember those who have left and one of the way to show our respect for them is by celebrating Hari Raya moderately,” she said when met by THE BORNEO POST SEEDS during the Sarawak Independence Walk last Saturday.

She added, “Our lives are in the hand of Allah, and we would never know when we will be gone. Similarly, knowing that the deceased family of six had planned to come back to Kuching for Raya, it is really a heartbreaking situation and very meaningful as it taught us to appreciate our lives more here on earth.”


Nazrin Hatta

Nazrin Hatta


Meanwhile, for Nazrin Hatta, 23, a local Kuching boy, the tragedy have shown him that mutual understanding and unity in times like this among Malaysians and people around the world is essential to ensure a more peaceful world.

“I really felt sad about the tragedy that happened to MH17, with hundreds of lives gone. Moreover, some of the deceased were also Sarawakian like me, and it is very unfortunate event for us all especially during the upcoming celebration of Hari Raya.

“I will also be celebrating this year’s Raya moderately, in honor of the tragedy, and I hope that this catastrophe will teach us valuable lessons and to love one another wholeheartedly.”

I believe most of us do feel the same way too, and for those who would like to express their condolences messages, you may email them to [email protected] and those messages will be posted to The Borneo Post SEEDS website.

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