How visitors enjoyed the second night of the RWMF

By Jude Toyat

The crowd


EFFORTS TO PRESERVE HERITAGE, culture and arts depends on the older generation.


That’s what Nabillah Abdullah, an artisan specialising in Sarawak handicraft said when interviewed after the concert on second day of Rainforest World Music Festival 2014 on Saturday.


Syairah (left ) and mother Nabillah.

Syairah (left ) and mother Nabillah.


“The involvement of youth is highly dependent on the adults to expose them to the culture and tradition of their own people because they don’t really know much about that,” she said.


Hailing from Kuching, she said of her six children, only her second-born is interested in the arts of handicrafts like herself.


“I returned here because I really like the culture, and usually during my free time I like to help my parents make handicraft such as bracelets, necklaces, anklets, clay craft, and ceramics to help my mother’s business,” her daughter, 22-year-old Syariah Tawan said.


Syairah was disappointed that there were less food stalls this year compared to the year before and that there were less visitors as well. She was also surprised by the stricter security this year where there were K9 teams at the entrance.

Patrick Doyle

Patrick Doyle


Second-time visitor, Patrick Doyle, 48 from South Africa said he came back to the festival with his family and said that it was a beautiful event.


“We came back here because it is so fun, exciting place and the sense of calm and continuity of different races and religions,” he added.


When asked on his observation of the festival, he said: “The concerts on the first and second day of the festival have its own unusual significance with Friday being more mellow and sometimes energetic. Probably on Sunday it will be more relaxing as well.”


While Patrick is not really fond of going to the workshops held in the daytime, his wife and children love it so much.


“I like the Beat Boxes workshop since it was interesting but my children and my wife really love all the workshops, and I prefer to relax while having a beer,” he said.


The performance by Spanish band Kalakan was his favorite so far.

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