Executive College students explore their potential

By Jude Toyat


STUDENTS FROM THE Young Potential Development Programme (YPDP) by KTS Group of Companies took their pledge yesterday here in Kuching as an act of appreciation for the opportunities given to them in their studies.


The YPDP was launched and mooted by KTS Group Managing Director Dato Henry Lau in 2012 as an initiative to help post-secondary school students who did not perform well in their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) to give them the opportunity for a better future and career in plantation management.


Initially, 15 students from Sibu’s Sacred Heart Secondary School were recruited for the first batch of the programme that included Aaron Wong Seng Tak, Alex Teng Tung Maw, Charles Boromeo, Fareez Nasyaluddin, Henry Cheng Koh Liang, Hii Lu Fong, Kevin Ting Hieng Hui, Koh Chong Seng, Lau Pik Sung, Mok Hua Seng, Ngu Chien Kai, Rafidy Jam, Steven Paul, Ting Chiong Yu and Wong Kai Ping.


Students of YPDP taking their pledges.

Students of YPDP taking their pledges.


The students were then sent to Executive College in Kuching to further their studies in Diploma in Business Administration with a full scholarship offered by the KTS-BLD Foundation for two-and-a-half years.


Before they were accepted into the programme, representatives from KTS conducted interviews with the students at Sacred Heart Secondary School. Provided they had 5 credits in their SPM and 2 credits in their STPM they were given fully sponsored scholarships after they were selected as trainees.


Currently, there are three batches of trainees in the YPDP programme. The second batch consists of 10 boys and 3 girls from Sacred Heart School Sibu who were recruited in April this year. They are doing their Foundations in Arts.


Meanwhile, the third batch consists of 3 girls and 1 boy from Kuching who applied for the Foundation in Arts/Bachelor of Business Administration.


According to KTS Group managing director and executive chairman of BLD Plantation Bhd (BLDP) Dato Henry Lau, the programme is a noble one being part and parcel of their corporate social responsibility at the same time providing opportunities for students to have the opportunities otherwise may not be available to them elsewhere in terms of academic and job training.


He also added that, “The agricultural sector is the best place to train these students as it is a highly demanding field nowadays, and I am pleased that we have been able to recruit trainees to assimilate themselves into job opportunities of respectable prospects and be part of our human resource development team in future.”


The YPDP programme provides trainees with opportunities to learn skills on jobs relating to the groups’ businesses, focusing more on the oil palm plantation, and after they finish their studies at Executive College, KTS Group may also sponsor them for degree courses as a continuation and help to secure good jobs for them right after their studies.


The highlight of the ceremony was the reading of pledge by all the YPDP trainees where they promised to dedicate themselves to their studies, work hard and take pride in themselves with the support being given by KTS.


Overall, all the trainees had been doing great, giving positive feedback and they really enjoyed the opportunities given to them wholeheartedly, knowing they have secure a bright future here.


Stanley Law

Stanley Law


“This programme is good since it offers lots of benefits to post-secondary school students to get themselves involved in the agricultural sector. The interest for me here came since most of my family members are working in the sector too.” – Stanley Law, 21, Sibu, Foundation in Arts


Wong Kai Ping

Wong Kai Ping


“The lecturers are good and since this college is not so big compared to other colleges around, we can get more attention from them and we can also focus on our studies easier that way, through lectures and one-on-one sessions. After I finish my studies here, I plan to further my studies in Executive Diploma in Plantation Management at Open University in Sibu.” – Wong Kai Ping, 21, Sibu, Diploma in Business Administration


Rochelle Goh, 20, Kuching

Rochelle Goh


“I never heard about this college before but once I enrolled, it was the best experience for me so far. Although not many students are here, everything has been good. I’ve gained good working experience with projects management company here in Kuching and I love to venture into businesses with the KTS Group of Companies in future.” – Rochelle Goh, 20, Kuching, Diploma in Business Administration


Incorporated in Malaysia as a public limited company in 2001, BLD Plantation Bhd (BLDP) is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad under the plantation sector and serves as a parent company to several companies that engaged in investment holding and provision of management services.


KTS Group’s Deputy Managing Director Stephen Lau Lee Kong, KTS Group of Companies Senior General Manager Dr Lim Choon Yang, Executive Director of BLDP Tuan Haji Wan Abdillah, managers, head of departments and staffs from the KTS Groups of Companies, as well as lecturers and fellow students or trainees from Executive College also attended.


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