Top 10 Selfie apps

By Fouad Alaa


Over the past few years, selfies have made it a long way from just another way to take a picture to a modern art form, so much so that it became Oxford dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2013. As the creativity of taking selfies grow, so do the apps and gadgets to capture that creativity and maximise its potential.


Here is our list of the top apps and gadgets that would help to take and develop amazing selfies.




Shots is a unique platform, much like Instagram, that allows users to post and share their own real life selfies. What makes this app unique, other than the fact that is made exclusively for selfies, is the fact that is it 100% bully-free. The app only allows the use of the front camera and does not allow the upload from the camera roll, insuring an on-the-spot selfie quality. You can comment on selfies of friends only if you yourself post your own selfies. Any bully reports would terminate your account, which makes the app a safe environment where you can enjoy viewing and posting selfies.




Good news for all IPhone users out there, no more setting timers and running like crazy to snap a group picture, neither do you have to dislocate your shoulder to snap a wide angled selfie. Hisy has arrived! It is a tiny shutter remote control that connects via Bluetooth to your IPhone or pad allowing you to frame a good ole fashioned selfie before snapping wirelessly. The best thing about Hisy is that it is very user friendly and does not require a third party app. It only uses the default camera app on iOS and can boast up to a range of up to 90ft. All you have to do is set up your phone on the desired view, sit back and snap a picture like a boss!


Whistle camera


After checking out Hisy, here is a little pick-me-up for Android users. Whistle camera has taken the term “hands-free” to a whole new level: why click a button when you can whistle? Whistle camera is an app that enables users to snap a picture just by whistling to the phone. You can adjust the sensitivity for the whistle detector to adapt to the surroundings in case you are in a noisy area, or simply for whistle learners to track their improvement. Easily edit the picture once they are snapped and share it on any platform. This cool app new app would definitely revolutionize your selfies.




Some people take selfies for just for fun, but for others taking a selfie is a new discovered art. Frontback app is a new and creative way to turn your selfies into mini-stories. It uses the front and back cameras to take 2 pictures simultaneously and combine them into one split picture. Share your adventures with your friends or simply take a perfect selfie without blocking any view you want to add to the shot.




Luuv is the first of its kind plug-and-play camera stabiliser for cameras and smartphones. It has a very simple and flexible design that makes it very easy to handle and adjustable to any smartphone. Only one hand is required to use it, making it perfect for sports enthusiasts and travelers to film high quality videos without any instability or bluriness to their footage. Due to the three-axis-stabilization, Luuv would separate your hand motion from the camera so that your hand controls but the camera remains the same.


Youcam Perfect


Ever had a selfie that once made you say, “I am FABULOUS!”? You are about to be even more impressed. Youcam perfect is an app that specialises in beautifying self-portraits and let you do the touch ups that would result in a natural-looking selfie perfection. It removes blemishes, freckles and lines for fresh looking smooth complexion, eliminates red eyes and dark under-eye circles for an even brighter look. Take away unwanted objects from the background and add instant effects and so much more.




Ever since their creation, photo booths have never gone out of style. Pocketbooth revives the all-time favorite experience of a photo booth in an app where you get to experience portable photobooth moments with friends in your selfies. You can either go for vintage 50s style pictures of colorful modern effects. Either way, Pocketbooth is must-try app for eccentrics and creative selfies.


Samsung Galaxy K Zoom


All hail to the mother of all high quality selfie gadgets, the Samsung galaxy k zoom gives off a powerful selfie deserving of nothing less than respect. Since with great power comes great responsibility, the K Zoom bring in selfie-features called the selfie alarm for easier and high quality selfies. Combine the smartphone with an addition of photo-editing apps and you get yourself the best from both worlds, the professional quality of a digital camera and the editing capabilities of smartphone apps.




TONS of options, filters and effects and more than 2 million editing combinations, all of which can be done using the Pixlr-O-Express. But what makes the app perfectly suited for selfies is the fact that it is one of the very few apps that can add to but not reduce the quality of the original picture. It is perfectly suited for selfie newbies and pros alike. Whether you choose to go with a retro or stylish selfie effect, this app is defiantly the go-to app for a clear and straight-to-your desire picture.




Another amazing and cool app that would literally capture your world is the Selfie360. It is an app that also turns your selfies into GIFS! It has 3 options of capturing a selfie. First is the panorama option which allows you to make a gif of any object you want. Portrait lets you make a gif of yourself by holding the phone and circle around; the app would then create a short gif off a collection of pictures of you in every possible angle. Finally, the Full option allows someone else to take a selfie-gif by circling around you. Which option suits is more fun and suitable for you? Try them all and see!


Where ever you go and whatever you do, there is always a selfie shot than can express how you feel or what you are doing, or even both. Selfies have become a way of self-expression rather than a way to take a picture. You can take a picture that shows how much of an amazing time you are having, or another that shows that you are depressed. It is amazing to see how much you can do and express by just flipping your camera or phone and SNAP! There you are and there you have it!


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