Silat competition to bring silat companies together

KUCHING: The N5 Demak Laut Art and Culture Bureau are holding a silat competition for the first time from June 7-8 at the Dewan Kampung Hijrah, Jalan Bako.


FIRST-EVER: Mahmud Narawi (center) during the Demak Laut Silat Carnical press conference at Demak Laut Service Centre.

FIRST-EVER: Mahmud Narawi (center) during the Demak Laut Silat Carnival press conference at Demak Laut Service Centre.


The two-day competition which will start at 9am is divided into two categories: the adult category (14 years and above) and youth category (13 years and below). Participation is only open to silat groups or organisations within the N5 Demak Laut region.


According to Demak Laut Art and Culture Bureau chairman Mahmud Narawi, the aim of this competition is bring the people together to celebrate their accomplishments. Multiple approaches have been implemented to bring about the integration of culture, social, economy and politics to embrace the spirit of 1Malaysia.


“The objective of this silat competition is to forge a bond and understanding within the silat communities of the N5 Demak Laut region.” said Mahmud.


Each group or association must comprise eight people and have to register under the Rumpun Silat Sarawak association.


For each group compromising eight people, they will be divided into three sections: solo performance (one person), attacking without weapon (2 people) and a group performance (five people). Each group will only be given 10 minutes or less to perform.


The champions for both categories will be given cash prize of RM500, trophy, medal and certificates of participation, while the first and second runners-up will be given the cash prize of RM350 and RM250 respectively along with trophy, medal and certificate of participation. The consolation prizes (third to fifth runners up) will be given a cash prize of RM100, medals and certificate of participation.


Participants performances will be moderated by the judges and the referees from the Rumpunan Silat Sarawak association.


“The organisers will not be responsible for any injuries from the participants and so it is important that the participants to work together to maintain their own safety so that the safety level could be elevated,” said Mahmud.


Participants will be briefed by the judges and referees before the start of the competition. Demak Laut state assemblyman Dr Hazland Abang Hipni will be present for the closing ceremony June 8.


As of today, 14 groups or association have registered to participate in this competition. For those who would like to join, registration forms can be collected at the Demak Laut Service Centre where registration will be open until June 7. Registration is free. Each group must register under Rumpun Silat Sarawak before participating.


For more information, call Sabery Jamie at 019-8497339 or Haji Bujang Osman at 010-9713324.

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