10 top scorers receive awards from Curtin Sarawak’s School of Business

MIRI: The Department of Finance and Banking in the School of Business at Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) recently held a simple ceremony to honour its students who were the top scorers in their finance, banking and economics units and were subsequently entered into the Dean’s List for their achievements.


Professor Cabalu-Mendoza (3rd left) and Charmele (2nd left) posing with some of the award recipients at Curtin Sarawak’s School of Business.

Professor Cabalu-Mendoza (3rd left) and Charmele (2nd left) posing with some of the award recipients at Curtin Sarawak’s School of Business.


The Dean’s List acknowledges and recognises Curtin Sarawak’s undergraduate students who are the top scorers for each unit each semester and aims to promote an intellectual culture among students. They each receive a certificate and letter from their respective school at the university.


Among the awardees were Felicia Kueh Xiang Lin (top scorer for Economics 100), Lim De Xian (top scorer for Macroeconomics 200), Chua Sin Yee (top scorer for Microeconomics 200), Soo Yann Bin (top scorer for Qualitative Techniques for Business 203), Foo Yi Huan (top scorer for Finance Principles 215), Nyaradzo Mukwada (top scorer for Managerial Finance 212), Ngieng Tien Ai (top scorer for Corporate Finance 307) and Yem Weng Chien (top scorer for Finance Derivatives 312).


Others were Gordon Soo Chin Wei (top scorer for double units International Finance 302 and Finance Portfolio 301), and Winnie Wa Hui Nen (top scorer for double units Finance Instruments and Market 300 and International Banking 305).


Presenting the awards was Professor Helen Cabalu-Mendoza, head of the School of Economics and Finance at Curtin’s main campus in Perth, Western Australia. Also present was the head of the Department of Finance and Banking, Charmele Ayadurai.


According to Charmele, the annual Dean’s List Ceremony at the School of Business is an important event as it not only acknowledges the students’ hard work and dedication but also conveys a positive message to students to aim higher in their studies.


Acting Dean of the School of Business Associate Professor Pauline Ho also commented on the significance of the award ceremony, saying that by acknowledging the students’ achievements every semester, it motivates them to continually produce positive academic outcomes.


“Together with Professor Cabalu-Mendoza and the academic staff of the Department of Finance and Banking, I would like to congratulate our students for their achievements as well as the academics for their continuous guidance,” said Professor Ho.


Yem said he was honoured to receive such recognition and thanked associate lecturer of economics and finance Yeo Tze Sheng for his guidance and patience in explaining numerous concepts and applications of finance in the real world.


Meanwhile, Foo said that in addition to being focused and persistent in completing every single question in the core textbook and attempting extra exercises, having strong cognitive skills helped her excel in her studies.


Kueh commented that the secret to achieving high scores can be as simple as loving the subjects, attending all lectures and tutorials, practicing diligently, asking questions and staying focused.


Chua attributed his success to constant revision, good time management, regular exercise and support from his family, while Lim opined that to excel in his studies, he concentrates in class to ensure he understand the syllabus and he does not hesitate to approach his lecturers for help.


Similarly, Soo believes passion and thirst for knowledge is the key to success. He was very pleased to receive two awards, which he said greatly boosted his confidence and self- esteem. Echoing Soo’s sentiments, Yann Bin remarked that having the right mindset and constant revision helped her achieve good results.


Ngieng said his award was significant achievement and a recognition that would hopefully enhance his career prospects, while Nyaradzo said she was humbled to receive the award and thanked lecturer of economics and finance Sunil Kishor Sajnani for enhancing her understanding of various concepts and theories.


Wa, who undertook a diploma course before being offered a scholarship to continue her degree at Curtin Sarawak, is extremely happy that her struggle has paid off. She advises students to take up challenges without fear as it could help them in their journey to success.


For more information on Curtin Sarawak, visit its website at www.curtin.edu.my, its Facebook page at facebook.com/CurtinUniversitySarawakMalaysia, Twitter profile at twitter.com/curtinsarawak, YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/CurtinUniSarawak, or Instagram at instagram.com/curtinsarawak.


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