Easy things you can do with a banana

By Karen Chin


MY FAMILY doesn’t usually welcome me into the kitchen because of my long history of cooking disasters whenever I’ve attempted to cook. Once I matured into adulthood and was left to my own devices, however, I prided myself in preparing ‘survivor’ style food – simple, fuss-free and still delicious (well, at least edible and not hazardous).


Cooking is an art to me, not a chore, and sometimes, it just takes a touch and some imagination to whip up something yummy that isn’t from a recipe book.


Bananas are very easy to get in Malaysia; you can find them in supermarkets, sundry shops, roadside stalls, markets, friend’s backyards, etc. And because of its easy availability, it comes cheap too. Bananas come in many varieties, and the few popular ones are pisang berangan, pisang mas, and pisang tanduk (this type is usually used for making banana fritters).




Here are four easy recipes anyone can do when you have some bananas in hand. Yes, I am talking about recipes. These recipes are perfect for those who want to have a quick nutritious and delicious snack, and are perfect for busy adults or college students. Before I get into introducing my own recipes, I am going to quickly list out ten simplified yet compelling reasons why we should be like monkeys and eat a banana:


1. Bananas help you when you are depressed.
2. Bananas give you energy.
3. Bananas relieve PMS symptoms.
4. Bananas aid digestion and beat constipation (oh yes, they do!).
5. Bananas can help make you smarter.
6. Bananas are high in anti-oxidants.
7. Bananas are helpful in regulating blood pressure.
8. Bananas are awesome for hangovers!
9. Bananas can help those who are trying to quit smoking.
10. Bananas help the anaemic.


For more information about the benefits of eating bananas, check these links out:


Banana on toast bread




What You Will Need:
A piece of bread
Chocolate and/or peanut butter spread
A banana




Slap on some of that chocolate spread and peanut butter spread onto the piece of bread. Slice up some bananas and arrange them nicely on top of that. Put it in the toaster oven and toast the bread for about 5-10 minutes depending on how crispy you want the toast.


Banana and Milo




What You Will Need:

Milo powder




Slice up a banana and throw it into a bowl. Let it chill in the fridge. Just before eating, sprinkle some Milo powder on the slices of bananas and serve cold.


Banana Milkshake




What You Will Need:

Ice-cream (preferably vanilla or chocolate)




Blend everything together! 🙂


Banana and Cheese




What You Will Need:


Banana fritters (you can get them from the local market)
Cheddar cheese block
Sweetened condensed milk




Grate the cheddar cheese into the banana fritters while it is hot. If you have brought them back and it has lost its heat, you can toss them into the oven toaster for the cheese to slightly soften and melt. Lightly pour some sweetened condensed milk over the banana fritters and cheese, and it is ready for consumption.


There are more banana recipes for those who want to create more dishes with this nutritious fruit, and for those who want to try making something more challenging like making banana bread or even cekodok (banana and flour rolled into balls and then deep-fried), you can easily look up the recipe on the internet. Have fun with the recipes and try them out, some of my recipes (if you can even call them that) only takes about a minute or two to prepare! Enjoy!


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