OurYouth.my’s carnival opens to an interesting turnout

By Jude Toyat


OURYOUTH.MY organised the fourth edition of the Youth Carnival on May 10-11 last weekend which saw various sports activities and competitions being held including futsal, basketball, volleyball, skateboarding as well as remote control car racing held at Le’Park Civic Centre.


According to OurYouth.my director Dato Patrick Liew, the organisation aims to hold the Youth Carnival three times a year, possibly every four months. The Youth Carnival aimed to attract and unite youths as well as working adults through sports and recreation. OurYouth.my is tireless in pushing a platform where the younger generation can put their focus, energy and time into sports and recreational activities.


“Initially, many of those who do sports here come from many different backgrounds, kampung and areas of which they are strangers to themselves. So, through such carnival and competitions, they are able to get to know each other and eventually we hope they can form and work as a team.


“Our ultimate objective is to develop few more young leaders who will be able to organise youth activities in the future. Participating in an activity is one thing, but organising and becoming leaders is another thing, in which we at OurYouth.my try to achieve and find several youth leaders which can help to increase in the numbers of young leaders in future,” Liew said when interviewed by THE BORNEO POST SEEDS writer on May 11.


Another important objective of the carnival is to provide the youth with a place to create new connections and increased chances for networking, as the youth here are not only made up of students but young working adults from government or corporate organisations, thus helping in providing business or career opportunities for them as well.


“OurYouth.my also did a great job in providing a platform in hoping to polish the youths and let them to be more competitive and disciplined, which eventually can lead the potential ones to be identified and handpicked by various associations such as the football and basketball committee, to be mould into becoming top players, maybe getting themselves involved in Sukma or even can be the state players in future,” Liew added.


Looking at the bigger picture, OurYouth.my has done an amazing job in helping the community or society in developing a group of very energetic and positive-minded young individuals to improve our society and the State, by cultivating matured thinking and perspective among the younger generations.


Talking about health and fitness, Liew mentioned, “OurYouth.my also encourage young people not only to be healthy but also to become fit. As for example, when you climb the top floor you are already puffing if you are not that fit. But if you are fit, you are healthy. So through the organisation, we try to encourage the youths to be more fit by participating in various sports and recreational activities”


When asked about the response from the public to Ouryouth.my events, Liew mentioned that the communities and societies responded very well; NGOs and corporate bodies have helped them in organising many activities such as runs, competitions, bicycle rides, family days to spur people’s interest.
Liew also said that over the years, he observed that young people now have become very respectful and become more positive individuals compared to before where the a number of them tended to be more individualstic.




The skateboarding competition had 30 people participating, with 10 skaters proceeding into the finals, which included Zainol (Bintulu), Mohd Riduan (Kuching), Matt Mo (Pontianak), Mohd Nasir (Kuching), Hamzah (Kuching), Awie (Kuching), Muzaimie (Kuching), Abu Voon (Kuching), Syed Rusydie (Kuching) and Mohd Iwan (Kuching).


According to Vice President of Sarawak Extreme Sports Association (SESA), Izuwan Rabaie, the game was judged based on their runs; each participant is only given two runs. The winner for the skateboarding competition was Zainol from Bintulu, and the skateboard competition was sponsored by Homer Skateshop.





The Real Boca CF football team won the competition, and Ahzmezan Abdul Aziz, the goal keeper for Real Boca CF was named Best Player. Other teams included Real Boca Raggazi, KTU FC B, A-R FC, B 2 B FC, Werewolf FC, KTU FC A, Bintang FC JR, Kampua United, Zul Junior, G Jong Generation and Batu Kawa FC.


Real Boca CF, winning team of the futsal competition.

Real Boca CF, winning team of the futsal competition.


A group shot of those who participated in the remote control car competition.

A group shot of those who participated in the remote controlled car competition.

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