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HE’S SWEET, he’s cute, he’s the boy-next-door, he’s Tan Yang Peng, and he may be the latest inspiration for young Malaysians looking to make it big in the music industry on an international scale.

Born and raised in Penang, Yang Peng, otherwise known simply as ‘TAN’, is a singer and songwriter who has journeyed miles to be recognised for his passion in music. This passion has landed him in Los Angeles, California where he currently lives to continue his ambition and connect with the talent pool in Hollywood which includes Grammy-winning master engineers Evren Goknar and Reuben Cohen who have been fundamental in developing his career as an artist.

“I am very fortunate to have support from family and friends to pursue my dream. Although there were many obstacles made, it has all been worthwhile. Definitely there are still lots of things to be accomplished and I am very excited about what’s coming next for me” he added.


When asked about his musical journey, Tan said that he grew up in a very musical environment. His mom is a huge music fan and when Tan was about 4 years old; his mom started taking him to singing lessons and had also signed him up for a lot of singing competitions, which continued to be a big part of his childhood.

He also made his television debut on Astro Kid’s Talent Quest Season One when he was 10 years old, where he blew away the judges with his wonderful voice. The exposure of his talent on that show was the beginning of his journey.

By the time he was in high school, he formed a pop/rock band with his good friends that shared the same love for music. He knew that he wanted to do something with music so he enrolled himself in an Audio Engineering programme after high school until he finally realised that singing was what he was really passionate about.

He later studied songwriting online with Berklee College of Music and eventually came to know of the renowned College of Contemporary Music, Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California.


Tan believes in staying true to himself, including having a career in the music business which may not be a common aspiration for youths in Malaysia when he was younger. “Studying, getting good grades, and going to a university are supposed to lead to a good life. But I believe that if you only live once, you have got to do it the way you want. I always knew I wanted a career in music,” he said.

His idols in music includes McFly, his favorite band since high school which had inspired him to pick up his guitar and start writing his own songs, and We The Kings, which he discovered later on. Tan noted that he had been told numerous times that he sound like Danny Jones from McFly. Although Tan likes listening to all genres of music, pop is what he loves best.

Tan wrote his new EP, A Summer to Remember, together with two of his songwriter friends, Natania Lalwani and Beatrice Regner. It was produced by two top producers, Mario Marchetti and LightDrop.

Commenting on A Summer to Remember, Tan states that “This record is all about being young, making mistakes and just having fun! I hope that people will be able to relate to it and make it their summer record for many summers to come.”


Thanking fans for their continued support, he mentioned “I just wanted to say a big thanks to every single one of those who bought the EP and helping it to reach Top 100 on the iTunes Charts in Malaysia.”

His first EP showcases his vocals through his enchanting romantic tracks, including “Heat Wave”, “If I Could I Would” a track that shows his gentlemanly side by integrating things that he would do for a girl, “Tonight” a romantic song that displays the softer side of his vocals, and “Perfect Try” that will leave you singing the song’s chorus over and over again. Tan’s songs are connected with many different emotions that may reveal far more than words.

Tan’s debut EP is everything that music fans out there have been longing for in pop love songs. Take a listen to A Summer to Remember and download it on iTunes here to experience pop songs like you have never heard before.


Tan has joined others like Zee Avi and Yuna by proving that Malaysians are capable of entering the international market in music.

A perfect example of building a career with determination, courage and perseverance, Tan says: “You will always have a lot of obstacles along the way but nothing is unattainable if you keep believing in yourself and work hard. I hope that I will get the opportunity to do tour in many countries around the world and to inspire others as well.”

To get connected with Tan and his updates, log on to his Facebook page @tanofficial, Twitter @tanofficialtwee and Instagram @tanofficial.

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