Why you should be into BN

By Patricia Hului

Hold your horses; we are not talking about politics. BN is also the acronym for BeautifulNow (BN), an online community and content platform to share beautiful things around the world now.


‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’


A mother might say the most beautiful thing on earth is looking into her baby’s eyes, a young woman might claim the most beautiful sound is her lover’s voice saying he loves her.


For Sarawakians, we should be proud (and pretty amazed) to know that the most beautiful sound in the world was recorded in our own backyard.


Marc Anderson, a sound recordist and photographer won the recent Most Beautiful Sound in the World Competition launched by BN in collaboration with The Sound Agency and SoundCloud with his winning sound ‘Dusk by the Frog Pond’ recorded on site in Kubah National Park. It can be heard on the BN website.


How many of us Sarawakians have actually set foot in Kubah National Park? Malaysians spend thousands of ringgit to travel abroad, to have a winter experience or to catch musicians like David Guetta and yet the world’s Most Beautiful Sound was recorded in a place half an hour away from Kuching city.


As Confucius once said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


About BeautifulNow


DISCOVER AND SHARE: BeautifulNow is where you can find all the beautiful things happening around the world now.

DISCOVER AND SHARE: BeautifulNow is where you can find all the beautiful things happening around the world now.


BN celebrates beauty. Shira White, founder of BN had the idea to focus on beauty after having a hard time in her life which led her to start BeautifulNow (BN).\


BN is a place where the community and editorial staff gather what they think is beautiful in six genres; arts/design, nature/science, food/drink, mind/body, soul/impact and place/time.


Do not think of BN as another social networking site which is pretty much dominated by Facebook now. Think of it as an online, borderless club, where the members are made up of chefs, writers, painters, photographers, artists, composers, musicians, architects, dancers, scientists from all over the world sharing their idea and vision of beauty.


What do you do after you sign up for free with BN?

1. Have a daily beauty fix with BN Daily Fix.
BN updates its site daily on what is beautiful that day.

2. Read beautiful blogs with BNow.
Take a break and go through blogs onsite that write about beautiful places, food, stories.

3. Join the competitions with BN Competitions.
BN holds a weekly competition. Each week has a different theme. Winners will be published in books and e-books and featured in documentary films.


The lesson we can learn from White and her idea of BN is that when the world is tainted by the ups and downs in life like petty politics, heart-breaking crime and tragedy, we should ALWAYS look for beauty in our everyday lives.
So what are you waiting for? Take a beautiful photo, draw a beautiful painting, or write a beautiful story now. Life on earth is too short not to appreciate the beauty all around us.

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