Santa’s beard gets snipped for charity

By Patricia Hului
[email protected]

On December 28, adults and children alike gathered at Plaza Merdeka in Kuching to snip off Santa Claus’ beard in the name of charity.

Each snip of Santa’s beard amounted to at least RM 10 in form of donations.

The charity is Go Go Green, a local non-governmental organisation that focuses on creating awareness among customers about the harm that plastic causes to the environment and themselves.

Posing as Santa Claus was Ian Carter, founder and adviser to the Go Go Green Society. The society has been holding displays every weekend at different shopping malls around Kuching to raise awareness for this cause.

Gogo green

SNIP IT OFF!: Carter posing as Santa during the Go-Go-Green campaign.

The goal of Go Go Green is to see Kuching free of plastic bags and eventually the whole of Sarawak. The first state in Malaysia to achieve ‘Plastic Free’ status was Penang and it is also the only state that enforces taxes on plastic bags everyday instead of only Saturday in other states.

Part of their programme is to mitigate the flooding problems that can be attributed to plastic waste.

The society is currently self-funded but they are open for any supporters who may wish to contribute.

Be a Go Go Green supporter by saying “No” to plastic bags when shopping and using your own re-usable shopping bag.

Visit Go Go Green’s Facebook for more updates of their latest activities

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