What’s your best and worst moments of 2013?

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
[email protected]

2013  is over and for some it has been either a good year or a bad one. So, we asked around what their best and worst moments were in 2013, their hopes for this year and also their new year greetings.


– Aurelia Liu, 25, multimedia designer

The best thing that has happened would be to be able to come back to Kuching, taking a break from full-time work to further my studies and spending precious time with family and friends. The worst moment is probably the time I caught a rash the day before Rainforest Music Festival and had to pass. It was to be my first time attending the festival.

My hopes for 2014 would be the same every year: to continue creating opportunities to see and explore new things, no matter where I am.

May this New Year bring new hopes and opportunities. Love and be kind to one another.

BW-p2– John Cornelius, 22, aircraft engineer

The best thing that happened to me this year occurred during the last few months, when I finally got my dream bike, a Harley-Davidson Sportster XL883R 2013 on 14th of November.

The fact that the bike I got was a highly praised and famous Harley-Davidson model made me forgot about all the troubles that I faced through the year.

The worst incident that happened to me for the year 2013 was when I had a near fatal accident in March because of my bike. I broke a bone and I was out of work for months. Plus, it took me five months to clear the trouble I had encountered right after the accident.

Hopefully, 2014 is a prosperous year in many ways possible. I just want to live a happy life, to be a happy man. And most of all I hope to fill my year with rides and biker events, while learning more about being a responsible biker.

I wish a blessed New Year to everybody that might or might not know me. Be merry and strive harder. Never give up with your dreams and even when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Live life to the fullest.

BW-p3 – Souven Jawa Steward Gima, Drilling fluids specialist

The best moment in the year 2013 was the moment I received my first sportsbike Kawasaki ZX6R 2013 on 8th of March and feeling excited about it.

Taking the bike for a spin the first time, I was not quite used to the heaviness of the bike that I almost fell off it at the petrol station and the pump attendants giggled.

To save face I just used my credit card instead of going to the counter to pay for fuelling up my bike and kept my helmet’s visor closed so that no one could recognise me.

The worst moment I experienced was when I was riding along the beach side road and I almost collided with a reckless driver. I had to stop for a while at a safe spot and take my breath, realising how lucky I was that day.

I’m hoping to fill 2014 with long rides and gaining as much riding experience as I can. In addition to this, the road users themselves have to be extra cautious and patient towards others while driving.

So, let’s welcome the New Year 2014 with new hopes and resolutions. It all starts with a dream, realising the dream is up to the individual’s effort whether he or she really wants it or not. Happy new year to all!


– Elly Ellycia, 25, Aquarist

The best moment in 2013 would be my graduation day as I finally granted my father’s wish of seeing his youngest child getting that scroll from the stage in his retirement year.

The worst moment in my life would be when I was in close contact with the animal I fear the most….. the snake! Ironically, 2013 is the year of the snake and it should probably brought me good luck.

My hopes for 2014 would be to be healthy and wealthy. Hahaha!!!!! Year of the horse, please bring me luck!

Hope new year will be all that we wish for and a good one without any fear.

BW-p5– Esmeralda Teo, 22, Student

The best moment of 2013 was when I was walking my dog, Jaina at a park nearby at an empty park. While sitting on the bench park alone with Jaina, I felt safe and peaceful and quiet as we gazed up to the stars. Amazing how something so simple could bring so much pleasure.

The worst part of 2013 was actually the beginning of the year, my dogs fell seriously ill and the veterinarian refused to treat them. I thought I was going to lose both of them at the same time but thank goodness both are now happy and well.

I hope that in 2014, there would be an animal rights law practiced in Malaysia. Stop cruelty to animals world-wide, and stand up for those poor creatures that fall victim. Be their voice for their cries of pain.

Hopefully this New Year I could more people smile. Happy New year everyone!! Smile more often because a smile can go a mile.

BW-p6– Davin Marcus Raja, 25, Student

The best part of 2013 for me was the decision to return to Malaysia to conduct my research in Bario. When I was accepted into the University of Guelph in Canada to pursue MSc in Planning focusing on rural development, I chose to conduct my study in Bario.

Since I am a Kelabit, who better to contribute and dedicate my thesis to then to my own community – which focuses on the mechanisation of rice cultivation in Bario. Besides, I got to vote for the first time and witnessed the political campaign/game in Kuching as well as spending time with my family and friends.

The worst part about this year however is to breach my 2013 New Year’s resolution. The food in Malaysia is always so good that I came back to Canada mid-December feeling like Santa Claus – just in time for Christmas.

For 2014, I hope to see the economic, political and social situation in Malaysia become more stable and be well adjusted.

I would like to wish everyone a Blessed and Happy New Year. May the New Year bring you and your families more smiles and laughter with good health, happiness and prosperity. Also, may your New Year resolutions pull through!

BW-p7– Chung Jia Ning, 24, Comic assistant

The best moment in 2013, would be in early December when I finally had the chance to pay a visit to Japan, not only that, i got to visit two publishers: Shogakukan and Kadokawa (previously Media Factory). As a comic creator in Malaysia, that’s the luckiest opportunity one can ever get! So yeah, awesome!

Ehh… the worst moment was when my house got broken into and my laptop was stolen, together with my work in progress.. Sobs..

Hopefully for 2014, I want to travel more! Of course i really want pull off the projects I’ve planned together with my teammates that would be awesome! Aside from that, I want to live healthier and lose some weight. Hahaha!!!!

BW-p8– Ian Kennedy, 16, student

The best moment for me in 2013 would have to be whenever I spent time with my family because nothing hurts than being away from your family and the worst moment would be when I had to move to a new place as my previous home because it was by far the best place I had been to.

I hope that in 2014 I will excel in SPM and sports and also blessed with good health.

So, be happy and may we all have be prosperous in 2014!

BW-p9–  Zawatil Najwa, 25, medical laboratory technologist

The best moment this year would have to be during my convocation day because after 4 years of struggling to get my degree it was worth it when I see my parents smiling looking proud at me.

As for the worst moment, I don’t really have one, but working life is very different from my student life and I do miss it sometime.

For 2014, I want to be a better person and hopefully to get more opportunity in life as well hoping that everything I planned goes well.

So, happy New Year to all and I hope everything goes to plan.


– Gideon Langub Pasen, 19, student

The best moment of 2013 for me would be when I reached the peak of  Mount Kinabalu and the worst moment would be having a long distance relationship with my dad.

So for 2014, I hope to complete my diploma. Happy New Year everyone!!


– Joana Rochelle, 18 , Student

The best moment in 2013 i had was when I got good pointers while doing my foundation. The worst moment was when I received my SPM results in which was not to my expectation.

For 2014, I hope to obtain a scholarship to study overseas.

Happy New Year everyone!


– Harith Izzu, 19, Student

The best moment in 2013 would be when I was in a football tournament and the worst moment was when I was unable to reach my expectations of myself throughout the year.

For 2014, I wish to live life to the fullest.

So, hello 2014!



– Stafannie Nilla, 25, Assistant research officer of Sarawak Forestry department

The best moment was when I got to visit three different countries; Bali, Indonesia (for vacation), Maierhofen, Germany and Bangkok, Thailand as a representative of Sarawak Forest Employees Union within one year

The worst moment was when my luggage arrived three days late at Maierhofen, Germany. Oh, the anxiety!!

I hope that in 2014, my family is healthy, and I am able to save more money for rainy days and explore more forest in Borneo.

So, Happy New Year 2014 to all and pray that everyone will achieve their wishes and dreams!

bw-p14– Norhinyanti Zainal, 26, Contract Worker at Department of Higher Education, Putrajaya

The worst moment was when I had to pay a fine for negligence when I didn’t have enough money. The best moment was officially graduating  with my degree and celebrating the moment with my lovely mother.

For 2014,  I hope I will be more blessed, happier and have a healthier life with my lovely family. So, Happy New Year to all Malaysians.

bw-p15– Stanley Savio Lim, 29, operation technician

I don’t really have any ‘worst’ moments, even worst moments can be a great lesson for us to reflect on. But my best moment was able to spend time with loved ones. Making someone happy no matter how little it was.

For 2014, I hope to lose some weight and be healthy and happy!! So, I wish all a happy, happy new year 2014. Smile always!

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