My New Year’s resolutions will be to…

By Jude Toyat
AFP/Relaxnews ©Pressmaster/

AFP/Relaxnews ©Pressmaster/

RESOLUTIONS and achieving goals are part of many people’s lives, and with today being the final day of the year 2013, we are presented with opportunities to reflect back while looking to the future.


Why are resolutions so important? Some may think that by making a list of things-to-do, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.


The truth is, resolutions usually start with something major aimed at resolving some burning issue in our lives that we tell ourselves, we will finally, this time for sure, do something about, once and for all.


We all mean to change our lives in positive, decisive, and meaningful ways by resolving to turn it completely around, and change everything for the better.


I believe that 2014 will be an even better year as I prepare myself to progress even further in this field of media. I understand that it actually helps to have New Year’s resolutions because it helps me to focus my mind on what I hope to achieve.


Although I failed to achieve everything in my list of resolutions for 2013, I am proud that I managed to fulfill a few. Most of my resolutions then were related to my self-improvement, education and money, and in 2013, I was able to complete my studies and get myself a well-deserved job.


I can’t wait for 2014 as I hope for the best to come, always.


So, how about you guys? Will you be making a New Year’s resolution for 2014 too? I guess everybody will be saying: “Absolutely, it’s a New Year, and a New Me!”


This year, I wanted to know what people’s resolutions were for 2014 and received some incredibly interesting, funny, and inspiring responses. So, to get everyone in the spirit of ringing in the New Year, here are some of my favorite New Year’s resolutions that they shared with me.


My New Year’s resolutions will be to…



“Focus more on my career, allow myself to get more opportunities to improve myself and my current well-being.

Apart from that, I wish to meet more good friends and maybe the love of my life.”

– Sebastian Lusat Juk, 25, admin assistant









NY-p2“Spend more time with my family and friends. Also, I do hope to learn something new in life in 2014 which can ensure me with a better future.

I hope the year will surely permit me to give my very best in my career after I completed my study middle of this year in the nursing field, and to always be successful in my future undertakings.”

– Bryan Vyner, 21, student








NY-p3“Educate myself better, aiming to get better grades in my final examinations results. I expect 2014 will be the best year for me as I obtain my Bachelor Degree to make my family proud of my achievements, and I wish that the New Year will give me more positive lessons to learn which can eventually lead me to become a more successful person in future.” 

– Bathsheba Sharon Mejin, 25, Student







NY-p4“Keep myself fit and stay healthy, to always take proper care of my skin and to make it look radiant all the time. My expectation for the New Year is to finally have a stable boyfriend, who can be my life partner and marry me. In addition to that, having a steady job and good salary will be an extra advantage for me as well. I wish to be rich, and own nice car for me to drive around town.”

– Pearly Lewiena Dile, 25, finance executive






NY-p5“Help my mom open her first online store, go to church more often, spend more time with my family and friends, get a job I’m content with, settle with my past, and to not repeat my mistakes.

For 2014, I expect to further my studies and finally get myself a degree, a stable job, as well as a driver’s license. I wish that the New Year will bring me closer to my beloved ones, give me chance to meet new friends, make peace with my enemies, and eventually meet someone special in my life.” 

– Christy Yang Xian, 20, student







NY-p6“In 2013, I managed to release four new singles, and hopefully for 2014, I will have the chance to release my new solo Iban album. I anticipate it will be a fantastic and productive year for me enabling me to achieve what I always hope for in life. I would also hope to spend more time with my beloved family and dearest Reddies ( buddies). HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MAY 2014 BE A GREAT YEAR FOR ALL OF US.”

– Jeffrey Jack, 32, producer, radio announcer (REDfm) & Iban singer







NY-p7“Gain at least 5 kg since I’m currently underweight. My expectation for 2014 is that it will be a year full of challenges for me to improve myself: NO PAIN NO GAIN.

My wish for the New Year is to become a radio announcer based in Kuching, as I like it and love radio broadcasting so much (currently enjoying myself as an intern in RTM Kuching). Apart from that, I would also wish for good health, and I always do believe GOOD THINGS ALWAYS COME WITH GOOD HEALTH.”

– Ryan Eng Ming Sheng, 20, student







NY-p8“Become the very best of myself. This year I have been venturing into lots of new things such as modeling and designing ‘pelamin’ for wedding ceremonies and involving myself with other events around Kuching.

For 2014, I aim to further my profession as entertainer, both in dancing and singing, as well as doing modeling for various fashion shows that I will be attending soon. I wish I can be very successful in things that I do in life here onwards.”

Stavelley Wan, 20, model







NY-p9“Always maintain my positivity and cheerfulness. I want to be more successful and to be able to save money for my future. Hopefully, I would also love to travel all around Asia, with the money I have saved.

I will also make sure I will pass my Master’s Degree with excellent grades. Last but not least, my wish is to provide myself with enough money, better health, successful career, and a happy life throughout the upcoming year.”

– Catohrinner Joyce ak Guri, 24, reporter







So people, the real meaning of having New Year resolutions revolves around things that we really want in life and starting from Jan 1 2014, make your hopes and realise your life’s dreams. Write those resolutions down in all its wonderful detail. Then look up, maybe the first opportunity to take a step closer may be right in front of you.


When we know what we want and are able to visualise it as if it were coming true, we not only gear ourselves to grasp the perfect opportunity when it passes before us. We prepare ourselves to take action in pursuing our hopes, goals and dreams.


If you’re eager to turn over a new leaf and contemplate new directions, you no longer have to wait because THIS IS THE YEAR, THE TIME TO PLAN YOUR RESOLUTIONS!


2014, HERE WE COME!!









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