Celebrate New Year’s Eve with some wine

By Jude Toyat

KUCHING: Ta Kiong is holding a special wine promotion until Dec 29 just outside their main entrance on the ground floor of tHe Spring Shopping Mall.


wine - p2

During this promotional period, customers will get to enjoy some free wine sampling. There are varieties of wines available in which 50% of it came from Australia and the rest came from other countries such as France, Italy and Spain.


The highlights for the month includes the BLEU Merlot 1.5L, which includes two free wine glasses for every purchase at the price of only RM110, and also their VINA MAIPO Moscato 750ml which only cost RM44.50.


Kenny Lee, Advertising & Promotions Executive said, “The promotion is done to celebrate the Christmas spirit among our customers and giving the chance for them to indulge themselves with some of the best wine available around the world.”


So for those who wish to pamper themselves with wines of all kinds, Ta Kiong invites you to come and taste the excitement together with them here.


For more information, call Ta Kiong’s customer service line at 082-255192 or visit Ta Kiong’s page on Facebook.

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