Cheering up the paediatrics ward

By Danielle Ringgit

CHRISTMAS is just a week away, which means that school holidays will soon be over. Are you excited to see your friends again or are you dreading having to wake up early and do your homework again?


For the children at the Paediatrics Operating Ward in Sarawak General Hospital, happiness and surprise shone on their faces when they received early Christmas presents this year.


BACK TO SCHOOL: SGH deputy director (clinical) Dr Norinawaty Abang Daud giving away a goody bag to one of the children in the operating ward.

BACK TO SCHOOL: SGH deputy director (clinical) Dr Norinawaty Abang Daud giving away a goody bag to one of the children in the operating ward.

Sarawak General Hospital Workers Cooperative (Kophus) worked together with Sam Fah Enterprise for their Back to School campaign  in giving out 200 sets of goody bags filled with stationery to the children and the 20 staff on December 19.


The aim  of their CSR programme was to spark the children’s excitement of going back to school as well as lessen parents’ burden with back-to-school preparation. Kophus and Sam Fah Enterprise also hoped that they could create awareness among the public and motivate them to play a crucial role in helping out the needy children.


While 20-month-old Mikeson Isaiah may still be a bit young to be going to school, he clearly looked surprised, probably wondering who the nice lady who handed him the goody bag was. But then, happiness clearly shone from his eyes when he saw the stationery.


Accompanied by his mother, Inmaliati, Mikeson is one of the long-staying patients in the operating ward. He was only three-days-old when he was first hospitalised and he has been staying there ever since.


BRAVE BOY: Mikeson Isaiah and his mother, Inmaliati.

BRAVE BOY: Mikeson Isaiah and his mother, Inmaliati.

The brave boy who has undergone two surgeries is now depending on an IV drip to stay healthy. According to his mother, the last time he was taken off the drip, he lost weight because his body could not absorb the food that he ate and often fell down due to giddiness.


Despite being sick, Mikeson seems to be at ease with the hospital environment. He enjoys watching educational videos, and his mother is proud to report that he has learnt to recite the alphabet as well as count from one to 10.


For three-year-old Adam, he was beyond ecstatic upon receiving the stationery. With a gleeful smile, the energetic and charming boy instantly ran around the ward to show off what he received to the other patients and his roommate, one-year-old Maria.


Adam is also one of the long-staying patients in the ward. Since the identities of his real parents are unknown, he has been left under the care of the hospital since birth. According to Sister Rosnah Hashim, one of the nurses working in the ward, Adam is very close with the staff members and affectionately calls them ‘mama’ and ‘papa’.


Looking happy with the attention given to him by the nurses, Adam is now learning how to feed himself with a spoon and insists on drinking with a cup instead of the bottle.


In early 2014, Sam Fah will be running a campaign to raise awareness of the public’s crucial role in helping out needy children by providing stationeries useful for their educational growth. Stationeries will be collected and provided to needy children through recognised welfare organisations like The Salvation Army Children’s Home, Society for Kuching Urban Poor, Sarawak Orphans Welfare Association and more.


For more information about ‘Love in Stationery’, Sam Fah Enterprise can be contacted through their facebook page at

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