Indian Flavours from Sarawak, Borneo

By Patricia Hului

sarawakindianflavours“IT IS A labour of love and discipline as well,”  was how Datuk Fatimah Abdullah described ‘Indian Flavours from Sarawak, Borneo’ during the book-launching on Dec 17 at Sarawak Club.


Publishing her own recipe book has been Datin Ruby Sengupta’s dream. The first of its kind for the state, the Indian cookery book features recipes for Indian dishes that incorporate local ingredients and also showcases her love for cooking.


Besides recipes, the book also contains description of herbs used in the recipes. One recipe worth mentioning is Sarawak Golden Brinjal Chutney where the main ingredient is golden brinjal, locally known as “terung kuning”.


Ruby, known for her cooking skills among her family and friends is a Bengali born in India who later resided in Kuching following her husband.


The books are now on sale at local bookstores at the launching price of RM60 for paperback and RM80 for hardcover.

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