Ethnic Passion for Fashion

By Danielle Ringgit

I AM NOT one to care much about fashion, really. I just put on anything I can find in my closet and as long as it’s clean, I’m happy with it.


The Gem Sarawak Ethnics Contemporary Fashion & Exhibition held Dec 14 definitely changed my mind when it showcased 10 new and emerging talented local designers that transformed traditional ethnic costume wear to modern contemporary wear suitable for every occasion.


The event introduced local talents from Pua Heritage (Gading Kenyalang), Erwan Asbor Collection, Mike Mikhail Couture, MIMJ Homme Collection (Henry Ezkandar), Maswira Collections, Ryo Creations, CM Collecton, Melissa Ulau Collection, Casseylina Boutique & PSC Collection.


Performances from local talents such as Bidayuh singer Jasmine John and Alexander Chelum also dazzled up the event.


What better way to celebrate your heritage and your passion for fashion at the same time if not through clothes, right?


Here are some of the highlights from that night:


gem - p1

A red corset dress with ethnic motif. – Michael Gayut Collection

 gem - p2

DEFINITELY AN ATTENTION GRABBER: This short dress certainly caused quite a commotion with its trail and unique headgear – Micheal Gayut Collection.



 gem - p3

A LITTLE RED DRESS WITH VIBRANT PATTERNS: You can definitely wear this to party, formal function and even during casual hang out with friends. – Melissa Ulau Collection.


 gem - p4

SEXY AND YOU KNOW IT: An electric blue dress with slit on the front. – Melissa Ulau Collection.


 gem - p5

EXOTIC AND ELEGANT: A long-sleeved gray dress with ethnic motif detailed on the shoulder. – Maswira Collection.

gem - p7

gem - p8

A FUSION OF TRADITION AND MODERNITY: Long, billowy dresses that accentuate your curves. – Calvin Mikeng collection.

gem - p9

VERSATILE AND FEMININE: A peplum dress which looks wearable to work and formal functions. – PSC Collection.



gem - p10

 Ladies in red. -Ryo Creations.

gem - p11

Men’s collection. -MIMJ Hommes Collection (Henry Ezkandar)




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