Pullman unveils 33 foot tree for festive season

By Patricia Hului


KUCHING: Pullman Kuching held its fourth Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Up Ceremony last Friday, Dec 6 unveiling a Christmas tree that may surpass others before it.


AMAZING FEAT: Pullman unveiled its 33 foot tall tree last Friday.

AMAZING FEAT: Pullman unveiled its 33 foot tall tree last Friday.


Behind this amazing 33 foot tall tree is the hotel’s Engineering Team that spent 10 months to collect 2,488 these bottles and more than 15 days to put it up.


Being an annual affair since its inception, Pullman Kuching hosted three welfare organisations (Perkata Sarawak, Tunas Bakti and Rumah Kanak-Kanak Kuching) to co-celebrate in this joyous event.


Eric Tan

Eric Tan

“Christmas is a season for giving and it is also a time for us celebrate with those who might not have the means to help themselves. Therefore we make it our top priority to celebrate this special occasion with the children from Rumah Kanak-Kanak Kuching” said Eric Tan, General Manager of Pullman Kuching during the unveiling ceremony.

Celebrate the festive season at Pullman Kuching with Special Christmas Menu, Christmas Takeaway and New Year Packages. Christmas Goodies such as Christmas Macaroon, Gingerbread, Royal Tule Log and assorted cookies are available from RM10.80.

Pullman Hotel’s Festive Desk in their lobby is open from 10am to 6pm daily to make a reservation, or call 082 222888 ext 2116 for enquiries.

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