Don’t buy a pet, feed a stray.

By Danielle Ringgit

DO YOU ever keep a bag of pet food in the car just in case you come across a stray dog or cat that looks like it could put on a few pounds?


HEARTS OF GOLD: Swee Sia and Su.

HEARTS OF GOLD: Swee Sia and Su.

Well, for Delia Su and Swee Sia of Save Our Strays (SOS) Kuching, this is a normal routine for them where they spend almost RM300 to RM500 per month to feed stray cats and dogs.

SOS Kuching is a collaboration of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and dedicated individuals working together to create a caring and compassionate community that embraces animal rights and welfare.   Currently, the organisation has 20 active members around Kuching and is hoping to get more people to join and become active ‘feeders’, a person who feeds and sources for funds to provide food and medication for stray cats and dogs.

SOS often works closely with other NGOs such as Sarawak Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (SSPCA), Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB), 4PAWS and Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR).   As an active member herself, Su mentioned that she is currently feeding 10 stray dogs that she found in her housing area.

SOS also practices TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccine and Release) methods for the strays they encounter to cut down the number of strays on the streets over the long-term.   According to Su, a neutering fee may cost up to RM80 to RM100 for an animal depending on their size, but the fee could reach up to RM300 if there are complications during surgery.

Both Su and Swee Sia also expressed that they would like to visit schools around Kuching in the future to educate children about compassion for stray animals.   The members of SOS hope that by increasing public awareness, they may gain their sympathies for these stray animals. They also hoped that these poor animals may get adopted and loved by a family.

Love and compassion goes a long way. What people may not understand is that stray cats and dogs can be delicate and fragile as they are often exposed to rejection and violence from people who see them more as pests rather than pets.

So, let us all help these poor creatures by adopting or feeding them and create Kuching into a pet-loving environment.

For more information about their work, please visit their website at:

SOS is collaborating with a team of zumba instructors in Kuching for the zumbathon charity event lead by Ding Tiew Seoh or ‘Dingy’ aimed to help raise funds and increase awareness among the public eye towards stray cats and dogs.

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