Celebrating the beauty of fine art

By Jude Toyat

KUCHING: Fine arts activities in the state still have not reached a satisfactory level.


According to Chairman of the Rejang Fine Artist Group (RFAG), Leonard Darimi, fine arts should be emphasised in line with the national mission.


Rejang Fine Artist’s Group (RFAG) was established in June 2012 in Bintangor, Sarawak, and currently consists of six members – all teachers and lecturers specializing in fine arts, most of whom are UiTM graduates.


The group aims at increasing the involvement of teachers of Visual Arts Education as well as fine art artists, and provide a platform for young artists to showcase their creativity by holding exhibitions of their artwork in Sarawak.


ELABORATE: Members of RFAG  showing off their artwork to Sarawak Museum Director Ipoi Datan.

ELABORATE: Members of RFAG showing off their artwork to Sarawak Museum Director Ipoi Datan.–Photo taken by Mohammad Rais Sanusi.


“Rejang Fine Artist’s Group is exactly what can be used as an example to give confidence and interest to students to learn the fine arts while nurturing students with a delicate soul to love peace and appreciate beauty,” said Sarawak Museum Director Ipoi Datan during the launching the RFAG fine art exhibition at the Sarawak Art Museum here yesterday.


The exhibition which started yesterday until Dec 21 is RFAG’s first exhibition to be held beyond the valley of Rejang featuring 24 fine artwork in the form of paintings, prints and sculptures by three artists: Leonard Darimi who is RFAG chairman, Aliza Anthony Abet and Augustine Mapang Raoh.


RFAG hopes that more people from among educators and young talents will also join them in the near future in order to elevate the prestigious field of fine arts as well as increasing awareness of the beauty of fine art to the community.

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