Sundown Festival: The Largest Asian Music, Food & Cultural Festival

Amazing performances by Rock and pop acts from Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines

GIVING IT HIS ALL: Nidji lead vocalist Giring Ganesha Djumaryo performing at this year's Sundown Festival.

GIVING IT HIS ALL: Nidji lead vocalist Giring Ganesha Djumaryo performing at this year’s Sundown Festival.

The much-anticipated talent lineup for the fifth annual Sundown Festival unrivaled a gathering of 10 established and up-and-coming headlining acts from eight Asian countries—Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, including Screw, D=OUT, AOA, Bosco Wong, Shao Yu Han, Yoga Lin, Nidji, Rico Blanco, Rock Steddy and No More Tear.


Drawing fans from all across Southeast Asia, Sundown Festival turned Marina Promenade into an Asian music and cultural central for an eight-hour long celebration— completed by an Asian street food village supported by leading food portal in Singapore,—establishing itself as a must-see event.


This year’s edition of the festival saw the addition of three Southeast Asian nations to the musical melee: Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Known for their ‘rockability’ and mastery in alternative music, it is no wonder the likes of Nidji, No More Tear and Rock Steddy and Rico Blanco are fronting these tri-nation sensations. Continuing on the ride on the surge in popularity and demand for Japanese glam-metal rock and “visual style” of music, visual kei bands Screw and D=OUT (pronounced as ‘doubt’) were set to thrill festival goers.


K-pop fanatics enjoyed the sugar rush in the form of Ace of Angels (AOA) a truly unique versatile music group that interchange between a five-member female band and a seven-member idol group.


Vocal prowess of Adonia Shao Yu Han from the People’s Republic of China and an injection of familiar names the likes of Mandopop Taiwanese boy wonder Yoga Lin and Cantopop and TVB star Bosco Wong were other great acts that was featured on Sundown Festival 2013.


The unique proposition of Sundown Festival as the only annual music festival in southeast Asia to unite Asian music and culture speaks volumes of Singapore’s strong reputation as a centre for creativity and innovation in the region.


Festival goers had a chance to experience not only eight hours of non-stop entertainment but also bona fide street food sourced from all the eight Asian countries and fringe cultural performances such as “the barong” (storytelling dance form) from Indonesia, Tinikling B-boys (a mix of traditional pre-Spanish tap dancing with bamboo poles and breakdancing) from the Philippines and muaythai from Thailand.


“Year five of Sundown Festival is a milestone,” said Samantha Chan, director of the Festival.



Sundown Festival is an annual event that celebrates Asian music and culture, with the aims of not only showing the best and most vibrant of Asian entertainment but also to unite and bridge the cultural diversity of Asia. Each year a new Asian country will be added to the list of performers, creating a snowball effect to the festival in order to generate hype, anticipation and captivate audience. The Festival will feature some of the most popular and up-and-coming musicians, on top of their cultural exports (such as food and other consumables) through fringe activities and stalls set up at the event grounds on the Festival day itself. Sundown Festival started in 2009 with the theme Seoul’dOut!, when it focused on Korean music and culture and single-handedly caused an explosion of interest all things Korean (also known as the Hallyu wave) in Singapore. In 2010, Japan was added to the performance line-up, giving rise to the popularity of J-rock and visual kei youth pop culture. Taiwan was added to the mix in 2011, prompting new Asian entertainers and industry players to make Singapore as its maiden stop of fame. In 2012, Hong Kong and China were fronted by TVB heartthrob Raymond Lam and vocal powerhouse Liu Liyang respectively. They had not only set the precedence for Sundown Festival to be the go-to platform for established TVB actors; but for fledgling singer-songwriters, the festival is an avenue to realise their full potential and spread their music wings outside of their home soil. Today, Sundown Festival continues to play the role as the purveyor of all things Asian, turning the world’s spotlight to this part of the world and in its course hopes to unite culturally diversified Asia through music. The ultimate goal is to culminate all efforts to give rise to Sundown Festival World Tour of all 11 Asian countries, beginning at home, in Singapore.

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