‘Enchanting Piasau Camp’ exhibition to be held at Pustaka Miri

by Cecilia Sman


MIRI: A month-long exhibition to further enlighten the public on the rich biodiversity of Piasau Camp, in particular the totally protected species of Oriential Pied Hornbill will be held at Pustaka Miri from Monday (Nov 11).

SUPPORT US: Musa (second left) with some of his dedicated members and volunteers discussing posters for the exhibition at Pustaka Miri.

SUPPORT US: Musa (second left) with some of his dedicated members and volunteers discussing posters for the exhibition at Pustaka Miri.

The exhibition entitled ‘Enchanting Piasau Camp’ is organised jointly with Pustaka Miri, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), Miri Chapter and the Piasau Camp Miri Nature Park Society (PCMNPS).


Organising Chairman and Chairman of MNS, Miri Chapter, Musa Musbah said some 300 photographs, posters and write-ups on the hornbills and various other birds, animals, flowers and plants will be on display at the ground floor of Pustaka for public viewing.


Also on display will be pictures of the past six hornbill walks, which has been continuously well-received by nature lovers.


“This exhibition is one of our continuous educational programmes to create greater awareness on nature conservation in particular the family of Jimmy (the hornbills) and also the importance of conserving the whole area in Piasau Camp as the green lung of Miri City,” said Musa to the Borneo Post.


Musa who is also the Deputy Chairman of PCMNPS and Honorary Forest Ranger said apart from the exhibition, the public are also invited to participate in the various activities held.


For children, they can look forward to the drawing and colouring competitions divided into two categories for ages 4 – 8 and 9 – 12. It will be held on Nov 16 from 8.30 am, and thereafter they can attend the talk on hornbills by Musa, before the opening ceremony at 11 am, at the Pustaka auditorium.


Attractive prizes including hampers await winners of the competitions. The top three entries will be displayed at the mini exhibition held as part of the 7th Hornbill Walk on the same day at 4 pm at the roadside of the former Tenby International School at Piasau Camp.


Admission to all these activities is free of charge and members of the public are encouraged to come in full force, and also in support to the government’s effort of wanting to gazette Piasau Camp as Nature Reserve by year end.


“We really hope the public will fully cooperate with us. Come to this exhibition if you want to know more about hornbills at Piasau Camp.


“For the time being, especially over the next crucial two weeks, avoid disturbing the nesting area at Piasau Camp where Juliet is painstakingly sealing the nest to lay eggs,” he stressed.


Alternatively, Musa said they can access the facebook website especially dedicated for the hornbills where there will be a daily update on the nesting area.


Currently, he said the 24-hour video surveillance to the hornbill nesting site is progressing well, thus paving for the complete data system of the breeding period for future reference and conservation purposes of the hornbills.

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