Unimas inventions win big in international fair

THIS IS FOR YOU, UNIMAS: (from left) Lo, Chin, Abu Saleh and Yeo with their awards from iENA.

THIS IS FOR YOU, UNIMAS: (from left) Lo, Chin, Abu Saleh and Yeo with their awards from iENA.


KUCHING: Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) once again marked its strong presence in research after winning two gold medals, two bronze medals and one glory medal out of six products exhibited at the 65th International Trade Fair Ideas-Inventions New Products (iENA) 2013 held in Nuremberg, Germany from Oct 31 to Nov 3.


In a press statement, the university was awarded with a gold medal for its project entitled ‘Magnetic Cellulose Aerogel with High Oil Absorption Capacity’ which was led by Dr Chin Suk Fun.


The project also won the Glory Medal at the World Competition of Green Inventions, awarded by the International Federation of Inventors Association.


The second Gold Medal was won by Dr Abu Saleh Ahmed through his research project entitled ‘Efficient Biodiesel Production from Jatropha Oil by Using Novel Catalyst as a Clean Fuel for Diesel Engine’.


Meanwhile, two Unimas inventions namely ‘eTORO: Indigenous Botanical Knowledge Management System of the Penans’ led by Assoc Prof Dr Alvin Yeo Wee and ‘WikiTours: Achieving Performance Sustainability through Spatial Integration’ led by Assoc Prof Dr Lo May Chiun won the bronze medals.


This outstanding achievement has encouraged and motivated Unimas researchers to achieve greater heights with their research endeavours.


Moving forward, the university will attempt to commercialise these inventions to generate revenue for the university, and place Unimas among the leading Malaysian institutions of higher learning.


With participation of 750 products from more than 30 countries, iENA has assembled inventions from leading inventors and innovators, academics, research institutions and entrepreneurs from all over the world.


These inventors share a common belief that searching for fresh ideas and extraordinary products is the vital spark that drives the world’s technology and new orders of wealth creation.

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