SEGi students make it to the Dean’s list of American degree programme

CONGRATULATIONS: Lim (left) and Kuek with their Dean’s List awards.

CONGRATULATIONS: Lim (left) and Kuek with their Dean’s List awards.


KUCHING: Two students under the SEGi College Sarawak’s American Degree Programme (ADP) – Allister Kuek and Lim Chiaw Soon – made it to the Dean’s List of Upper Iowa University (UIU), USA for their achievement in academics.

“I am very proud that I am able to get into the Dean’s List. Honestly, it is not an easy task to get into the Dean’s List as the requirement from UIU is high,” said Lim after receiving this award.

Apart from their academic achievements, both of them are active in their respective clubs and societies.

“Studying in ADP is quite challenging, but this motivates me to put more effort so that I can be an achiever and it still did not deter me to join other activities such as the Basketball Club.

“In my opinion, being exposed to various activities and reading stimulated my mind and helped me to gain more knowledge,” Lim said.

Meanwhile, Kuek said that time management and self-discipline are equally important to maintain balance between studies and other activities.

“A planner is the best tool, and helps to keep everything listed as well as within a time frame.

When I play, I play hard and when I study, I study hard. ‘Nothing is impossible’ is my motto in life,” she added.

Kuek also said that ADP was flexible and encouraged students to participate in class activities, therefore teaching students to be critical thinkers and to share their opinions.

An added bonus for Kuek was that she could take the programme locally without going to the US and graduate within four and a half years.

Meanwhile, Lim agreed that he learnt to think critically and added that he learnt to be independent as well as to learn how to work with others.

“To my juniors, learn as much as you can in ADP, and you will find that it helps a lot in your career. This is the reason I chose ADP, as it exposes us to various fields and we can apply what we learnt,” Lim added.


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