‘Angry Birds Go!’ set for December launch

DECEMBER LAUNCH: Inspired by 'Mario Kart', Angry Birds fans can look forward to this game in December.

DECEMBER LAUNCH: Inspired by ‘Mario Kart’, Angry Birds fans can look forward to this game in December.

Finnish games studio Rovio is channeling the spirit of ‘Mario Kart’ for the latest installment in the “Angry Birds” franchise.


It seems like only yesterday that ‘Angry Birds Star Wars II’ landed in assorted smartphone app stores — September to be precise — but Rovio, maker of the most popular smartphone game series in history, shows no signs of tiring or of losing interest with its furious feathered creations.


The company has released a gameplay trailer for “Angry Birds Go!,” which will arrive for Android, Apple, Windows Phone and even beleaguered BlackBerry on December 11, just in time for Christmas.


A noticeable departure from the existing formula, apart from the fact that it’s a racing rather than an object and animal throwing game, the new title will be free to play on all platforms for the first time and will also allow ‘Telepods’ – i.e., letting gamers scan physical toys into the game, as with ‘Angry Birds Star Wars II.’


Angry Birds games have only been free to play on Android devices — much to iPhone users’ annoyance — but Rovio believes that the game will be a financial success through in-app purchases, advertising and merchandising.
If the trailer is anything to go by and the title does have the same ‘Mario Kart’ look and feel in real life, there is bound to be a huge market for the game among those who weren’t interested before — especially as Nintendo titles are still suspicious by their absence on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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