The case for buying an iPhone 5C

Flipcase is a new app for the iPhone 5C that turns the colorful device and its case into a real-life miniature game of Connect Four.

The iPhone 5S might have a fingerprint sensor integrated into its homekey and it might be the first smartphone to use a 64-bit processor, but there’s one thing that it can’t do that its more colorful counterpart, the iPhone 5C, can: namely, play Connect Four.

Research conducted by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) in the US and published this week shows that in the US, the iPhone 5S is currently outselling the iPhone 5C by more than 2:1.

Some 64% of iPhone customers surveyed at the end of September said that they’d chosen the 5S over the 5C — only 27% had been tempted by the plastic handset, while 9% of customers had plumped for the iPhone 4S. However, that was before Flipcase was launched.

The free app works in conjunction with the iPhone 5C’s optional protective case and, as the name suggests, requires an iPhone 5C owner to flip the phone’s case so that its hole-filled back cover is positioned over the screen, turning it into the favorite childhood game.

Then it’s just a case of tapping holes and columns to try and connect four vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Although the iPhone 5C is less than a month old, Flipcase is by no means the first app designed to make the most of the handset’s ventilated protective cases. For example, CaseCollage is an app that allows users to create a custom photo, graphics and text designs for personalizing their phones, turning each of the case’s holes into a miniature picture frame. – AFP

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