Mapei: A great listen for the Monday blues

mapei.7f098102224.originalRHODE Island-born, Stockholm-based singer Mapei has just released her first single on Downtown Records, home to artists including Miike Snow and Gnarls Barkley, and she’s got the indie music world buzzing with her self-described “21st-century gospel/doo-wop.”

Jacqueline Cummings aka Mapei got her start as an underground rapper, performing with Major Lazer and coming out with a 2007 underground hit, “Video Vixens.” She signed to Downtown Records in 2008 and, after a long hiatus, has just debuted a more pop-ready sound via a new single co-written and produced by Magnus Lidehäll. That track, “Don’t Wait,” is the first from an album she has due in 2014.


Why the buzz?
Mapei garnered acclaim in her underground days for her solo music as well as her collaboration with Major Lazer on the track “Mary Jane,” but it’s her revamped style that has her poised for more mainstream success.

Listen Before You Buy wrote: “A cursory listen to Mapei‘s debut single ‘Don’t Wait’ is enough to know that the song is destined (and made) for popular acclaim…and yet, even a cursory listen is enough to come to the realization that ‘Don’t Wait’ is so much more. …Sure the song ticks off all the right boxes, but it does so in a way that doesn’t feel contrived or forced, and Mapei‘s delicate (notice how her voice has a slight rasp to it when she strains it) yet powerful vocal is the kind that can’t be pre-fabricated.”

All Things Go Music called the track “what I suspect will be one of my favorite songs of the fall” and Disco Naïveté labeled it “all kinds of pop glorious.”


What to listen to?

“Don’t Wait” is streaming on SoundCloud ( and is due for release on Downtown Records November 5. For a taste of her earlier sound, Mapei’s 2007 track “Video Vixens” can be heard at For now, no release date has been announced for the upcoming album.


Where to see?

As buzz builds, tour dates are sure to follow. Mapei has no shows announced for the moment, but keep an eye on the Downtown Records site ( and on Twitter (@MAPEI) for more information as it comes. – AFP


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