‘Allegiant’ pre-orders outsell ‘Mockingjay’

allegiant_vroth.7227b111037.originalPre-orders for ‘Allegiant’, third installment in the ‘Divergent’ trilogy, confirm its reputation as the next ‘Hunger Games’ according to Amazon US data, even though the accolade arrives as Roth’s series reaches its finale.

Veronica Roth’s debut novel was written while she was still a psychology major at Northwestern University, Illinois.

It’s set in a futuristic Chicago, where five virtuous factions rule the city and teens must fit into the prescribed social order — but young heroine Tris soon discovers that all is not as it first appears, plunging her into a maelstrom of conflicting allegiances and into the heart of a violent revolutionary plot.

The April 2011 release was followed by “Insurgent” in 2012; ‘Allegiant’ is scheduled for publication on October 22 and its pre-orders are outstripping ‘Hunger Games’ closer ‘Mockingjay’ by a ratio of five to one, says Amazon.

Shailene Woodley, who made an award-winning breakthrough by co-starring in 2011 George Clooney feature “The Descendants,” will take the lead role in a film adaptation of ‘Divergent’, premiering in March 2014. – AFP

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