#swkwomeninspire one of top trending topics in Malaysia

KUCHING: Sarawak Women’s Day celebrants were delighted to see their Twitter postings (tweets) on women who inspired them shown on the big screen during the gathering here yesterday.

The celebration, which was organised by the Welfare, Women and Family Development Ministry and held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, injected a fresh approach to engage the participants in the digital world via Twitter hashtag #swkwomeninspire.

Most of the tweets were dedicated to women who inspired individuals and inspiring quotes on women, while others shared on the contributions and achievements of women in Sarawak.

According to a social media interaction analytics website keyhole.com, about 200 users tweeted using the hashtag #swkwomeninspire, which became one of the top trending topics in Malaysia.

The state’s very own music icon Zee Avi also joined in by tweeting from the USA.

The Twitter live streaming was made possible with the assistance of the Azam Young Souls, a network of Kuching youth volunteers under Azam Youth Development Programme.

For more information on Azam Youth Programme, call 082-411799.


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