Of Marriage and Tattoos

A Metaphorical Expression to Define the Act of Commitment and Determination

by Walliyaddin Abdul Khalik

LimKokWing University of Creative Technology
Diploma in Mass Communication
Faculty of Communication, Media and Broadcasting (FCMB), Semester 4.


MANY may wonder what tattoos have got to do with marriage. Some may already have images of identical heart-shaped tattoos with a respective partner’s names etched on a person’s skin in mind. Some may still be trying to figure out the exact literal relation between marriage and tattoos. No! Though it may seem enigmatic to some, it’s actually quite simple.

For those who are sceptical about the link between the traditional constitution of marriage and the liberal spirit of tattooing… it all comes down to their similarities.

This article is not about the state or the condition of the social institution, whereby a man and woman decide to live as husband and wife through legal commitments, religious ceremonies, or formal pledges, but about the act of commitment and determination.

Contradictory to Charles Darwin’s theories of human evolution, the presence of God clarifies the magnificent existence and mysterious creation of human beings on Earth. God created every living creature with flesh, and meant to be in pairs, male and female. Compared to other creations, humans are the greatest and noblest creations amongst all.

Humans are gifted with the mind to think and feelings to feel. In life, one must go through a long process of learning and knowing; from the day of birth to the last breath. Like most living creatures, humans need mates in order to survive. Males and females need each other in order to retain the legacy of human beings on Earth.


Will You Marry Me?

These days in our modern society, marriage is very complicated.

It is believed to represent a very important and serious step for one to take. One needs to evaluate and justify their reasons before proceeding into something that will probably end up becoming a huge source of remorse at the end of the day.

The process of deciding on marriage to a specific person is a huge gamble in one’s life, similar to a person deciding which tattoo he or she wants to have etched into to their skin: no one can tell how long it will remain pretty or intact.

Marriage is PERMANENT. Hence, the expectations of a marriage or a tattoo depend on the path chosen, the amount of value and appreciation given, and how we would want the marriage, or tattoo, to be.


Why is Marriage Considered Permanent When Divorce Exists?

Divorce is a technical term used to define separation. It is a term used to define the act of removing something that used to be a part of our lives. However, it is beyond our control to completely remove the ugly scars that are inflicted on us in return. Marriage can deeply affect us mentally, just as a scar left behind from a removed tattoo can affect us physically. Both generate the idea of the imperishable.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, one can never easily forget something in a blink of an eye. This means that any engagement with anything or anybody can never be easily or completely erased in a matter of seconds – especially when it comes to legitimate matters related to our relativity and surroundings.


A Remedy for Abhorrence, Perhaps?

Depending on the extent of our attempt to remove the tattoo, it usually requires expensive treatment to restore the skin to its original, intact state, unless we prefer to keep the terribly ugly scars – it is up to us to make that decision.

Despite the advances in tattoo removal, the process is still complicated. It certainly takes longer to erase than to have it applied to the skin.

In comparison to marriage, then, it is almost impossible to reach a certain level of ‘it-all-fades-away’.

Many voices would say it is time to move on but in fact it is almost a dream-come-true for us to meet someone better and more precious in the future. This kind of attitude has always been the obstacle to discover and explore what else could be coming up next in one’s life.

People make mistakes and people learn from them too. However, the traumatic events in the past leave scars that could remind us of the ugliest parts that affect us psychologically. The process of recovering has never been easy.

Nevertheless, the decision to get married is similar to the act of deciding which tattoo to pick or looks best on our skin. The dilemma arises when we start to re-think all the consequences and the outcomes of what we are going to deal with at the end of the day.

Though the impact, implication and aftermath of marriage have always existed, haunting and questioning us, we should never be afraid to try.

Although some things are too good to be true, life is full of surprises. The bitterness and sweetness that we gain along the way are parts of the wonders of life. We can never know what is destined for us.

Just bear in mind that in every action we take, every decision we make, in every word that we say, everything that we see, every voice that we hear, consequences will exist and sometimes are unexpected.

There are some things beyond our capability that we should just learn to deal with.

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