UCSI ties up with Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

BONJOUR: Tan (left) and Teo also had the opportunity to visit Paris during their studies at Zibat in Denmark.

BONJOUR: Tan (left) and Teo also had the opportunity to visit Paris during their studies at Zibat in Denmark.

KUCHING: UCSI University Sarawak Campus has proven to be one of the state’s leading event and tourism management institutions by exploring the international world of education.


According to a press statement, the university has signed up partnership with a few foreign universities worldwide for its Event and Tourism Management programme, which has since been receiving greater recognition.


One of these institutions is the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (Zibat) in Denmark from where UCSI Sarawak Event and Tourism Management students Fiona Teo Gek Mei and Tan Swam Ting recently returned after their stint as exchange students there for one academic semester.


An enthused Teo said the opportunity to study in Denmark had opened her eyes to a different environment compared to Malaysia, particularly the education system.


“Studying in Denmark helped me build up my learning skills and I found that I am able to learn new things faster there as well,” she said, pointing out that her views on life changed after her studying experience in Denmark.


“I used to find life stressful but when I was in Denmark, I noticed that the locals there were more relaxed and enjoyed their life. Well, now I believe that we should stop and smell the flowers every so often despite our hectic lifestyle,” remarked Teo who aspired to be a successful event planner in the future.


For Tan, she had to overcome her anxiety of travelling overseas on her own for the first time.


“Being the youngest in the family, I was always showered with love and care from my parents and sisters. But in Denmark, I had to solve all the problems I encountered myself as I couldn’t rely on my family this time around and the only way I could get in touch with them was through the Internet,” she said.


Tan, who learnt of the student exchange programme from her senior course mate who participated in the same programme last year, also recalled her excitement of being able to apply for the programme, stating that both she and Teo approached the university’s students’ affairs department to obtain information on the programme.


“UCSI University has been playing a very important role in collaborating this programme with Zibat and they made all the arrangements required including contacting the programme leader at Zibat and providing us with all the information we needed,” she said.


Meanwhile, UCSI Communications managing director Gracie Geikie said the additional plus for Event and Tourism Management students was the opportunity to have greater choice and scope in their career as they can convert their experience and skills to become event organisers or event planners if they so wish to venture into setting up their own business.


“The wonderful part for such a venture is that they can also create and produce new events of any shape, size and style to improve their business profits.


“Going further besides handling events, you can be event management consultants and assist other enthusiasts to set up their events business, assist in event planning and management.


“You can specialise in being just a conference organiser or become a destination management consultant, exhibition specialist, music or concerts organiser or even become a supplier to the events industry such as supplying all the requirements in a particular event like printing, gifts, conference materials, exhibition panels, food catering and lots more.


“The value chain in this industry is wonderful; there will be an opportunity at every process of the events industry. Most importantly, it is an exciting and vibrant industry, never boring, wonderfully stressful and challenging,” added Gracie.


The international student exchange programme at UCSI University not only brings in international students from foreign countries, but also gives local students the opportunity to study abroad.


UCSI University Sarawak Campus introduced the Work-Based Learning (WBL) approach for its Diploma programme in 2011 as one of the efforts in achieving the Entry Point Project 10 (EPP10), which is to train 50,000 skilled workers annually.


The core concept of the approach is to train students to be skilful through experiential learning in a real working environment instead of traditional industrial training at the end of a programme of study.


For more information on the event and courses available in UCSI University Sarawak Campus, the public are advised to call 082-455255 or log on to www.ucsiuniversity.edu.my

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