Mystical Mirage to perform at Anime Gathering

by Antonia Chiam


LOCAL TALENTS: Mystical Mirage will be performing in Kuching at Anime Gathering 2013.

LOCAL TALENTS: Mystical Mirage will be performing in Kuching at Anime Gathering 2013.

KUCHING: Upcoming local rock band Mystical Mirage is set to perform at Anime Gathering 2013, which will be held on Oct 27.


Band frontman and vocalist Kenneth Ho said event goers can expect some surprises, in addition to what they usually perform.


“We will be performing some of the famous Japanese rock songs and also anime theme songs, including songs by The Gazette and UVERworld, just to name a few.


“However, we are definitely bringing surprises back this time as our EP will be released before this performance,” he told The Borneo Post in an exclusive interview.


Besides that, the band will be selling their merchandises at the event.


“We are going to sell our EP, t-shirts and also our single, which is in a compilation CD, during the day of the event.


“We hope to gain more support and we are expecting everyone to scream their lungs out to our explosive performance. Most importantly, enjoy the whole show. I hope that after our performance, we will leave an impact that rock music in Kuching is not dead and it will continue to grow as long as we try our best.


“We also hope to inspire a lot more musicians in Sarawak to try harder and do their best,” he enthused.


Mystical Mirage started as a college band in LimKokWing University, revealed Ho.


“I first met our guitarist, Jimmy, when we were attending class together and we were interested to join a band competition called Glitz at that time, so we started recruiting members for it.


“Before Mystical Mirage, our band was called J’arc to suit our Japanese style. We started to play more gigs in cafes and some school events until one day we decided to write our own songs. Jared, Authur and Aaron came along during the process so Mystical Mirage was born after everyone agreed with the name,” he explained.


Ho, who is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, expressed his joy at being invited by the organisers of Anime Gathering 2013, as it was his intention to perform in his hometown again.


“I am so happy to be able to bring my whole band back this time.


“Our fans in Kuching really inspire us. I remember after a performance here once, there were a few people who bumped into us and gave us very encouraging words and pledged their support,” he said.


For more information on Mystical Mirage, follow their official Facebook Page at


Anime Gathering 2013 is an annual non-profit anime, comics and games (ACG) event, organised by fans for fans and put together by a voluntary team of like-minded friends. It will be held on Oct 27 at Penview Inn, from 3pm until 10pm.



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LOCAL TALENTS: Mystical Mirage will be performing in Kuching at Anime Gathering 2013.



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