Deadline for lantern-making competition tomorrow

WELCOME MID-AUTUMN FEST: James Chan (third left) with his Moon Cake Festival 2013 organising committee posing with their lanterns.

WELCOME MID-AUTUMN FEST: James Chan (third left) with his Moon Cake Festival 2013 organising committee posing with their lanterns.

KUCHING: 500 children are going to be taking part in the lantern parade in conjunction with the MBKS Mooncake Festival 2013.


On top of that 53 schools, non-government organisations (NGOs) and private individuals will take parts in the lantern-making competition.


Kuching South City Council Mayor Dato James Chan Khay Syn yesterday also invited the members of the public to come to MBKS Dewan Masyarakat on Thursday night of Sept 19 to enjoy the highlights of the evening including beautiful light-up lanterns display.


“The Mooncake Festival is held once a year to welcome the mid-autumn in the Chinese Calender and probably second largest festival after the Chinese New year,” he said at a press conference heled at his office in MBKS complex here.


Chan said the event is organised by MBKS with the objectives to provide an ideal platform for the public to showcase their creativity and talent and increase people’s interest in traditional arts apart from promoting racial harmony and community cohesion among City folks.


He disclosed that the lantern making competition would involve three categories like NGOs, schools and individuals and the theme for the competition is ‘Soul of Kuching’ and it is open to all races of different faiths.


The completed lanterns must be submitted tomorrow (Sept 19 Thursday) at MBKS Dewan Masyarakat new wing on or before 10am. Entries after that time will not be entertained because judging will begin right after that.


He said that the winning lanterns in all the three categories of the lantern-making competition will be displayed for public viewing that very night.


“For safety reasons, the lantern parade for the kindergarten pupils will also be held within the compound of Dewan Masyarakat and the lanterns for this event will be given out free for the confirmed participants,” he said adding that registration will start at 6.30pm tomorrow (Sept 19) while the parade starts at 7.30pm.


Chan said that the lantern parade competition will be judged based on their group discipline, costume neatness and creativity on the spot.


“It is opened to kindergarten pupils aged between 4 to 6 years old and each group must have minimum 30 participants. The winner will take home RM1,000 plus certificate while the first and second runners up will be awarded RM800 and RM500 plus certificates respectively. The consolation prize is RM300 plus certificate each.”


Chan who was very enthusiastic of the festival said that even the public can also participate in the Lantern Parade and lanterns will be given free.


He said the entry form can be obtained from the Ground Floor; MBKS’s Security Counter or be downloaded from MBKS’s website


The council is extending their deadline for registration to Sept 19 to be submitted on the same day to Level 3 of the Public Relations Unit before noon.


Chan also revealed that there will be singers from Kuala Lumpur and overseas brought down by ASTRO and there will also be varieties of moon cakes other cuisines and delicacies within the compound for sales.


“It is hoped that the communities of Kuching City regardless of their ethnicities and faiths will take part in this special Mid-Autumn occasion, he said.

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